Many gardeners are busy taking care of the park, always creating beautiful new flowerbeds and cultivating all kinds of flowers in the nursery. Amidst fragrant and colourful blooms you can enjoy fountains and water games.

Kirpal Sagar is going on and we all have demand for it. Here we are making one holy place for all human beings. It was the wish of Sant Kirpal Singh.

This institution is for all human beings – no matter which country they may come from – this belongs to everyone. It is an international institution  not only outwardly, but from the core of the heart, it belongs to all human beings. There is no reserved right of anybody, it is just like an open book. It will belong to everybody all the times.

Harbhajan Singh


Park - Kirpal SagarPark - Kirpal Sagar


Park - Kirpal Sagar

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