1 August

On 1 Au­gust, 1974 a ­very sig­nif­i­cant ­and his­tor­ic ­event oc­curred in In­dia: ­Sant Kir­pal ­Singh Ji was of­fi­cial­ly in­vit­ed to ­present ­His sug­ges­tions ­for bring­ing ­about ­the Uni­ty of ­Man to in­ter­est­ed mem­bers of ­the Par­lia­ment of In­dia. M.P. Shan­kar ­Dev Ji or­ga­nized ­the meet­ing at Par­lia­ment, ­and ­more ­than a hun­dred mem­bers of Par­lia­ment ­were ­present to ­hear Sant Kir­pal ­Singh’s ad­dress to ­them. It ­was ­the ­first ­time in In­dia ­that an of­fi­cial in­vi­ta­tion ­has ­been ex­tend­ed to a spir­i­tu­al lead­er to vis­it the Par­lia­ment ­and ­share ­his coun­sel ­with ­the mem­bers.


17 August

On 17 August, Bibi Lajo, a devoted disciple of Baba Sawan Singh, came to Master in Delhi, and requested Him there for one of her relatives who had no issue, "Master, bless her with a child." Master told her, "You are going to Amritsar, there you meet Dr. Harbhajan Singh to whom I have told about the medicine. He will give it to you. Also tell him only in his ear that the face of Kirpal Singh is getting yellow." She delivered this message to me and told that Master was getting weak.

18 August

On 18 August, at midnight I had to go to my hospital to assist the doctor there. When I came back and sat on my bed to sleep again, I felt someone pressing my shoulders. I wanted to relax, but I saw Master standing beside my bed. Master told me, "Much time passed since we met. See my face (it was pale and yellow) and come soon!"

Bewildered with many thoughts and finding no way out, I rushed to the Master-room to meditate. Before I entered the Master-room, a piece of wood standing near the door fell on my foot and wounded it. I went inside the room while the foot was bleeding.This day immediately Master appeared in my meditation and said, "Now I have given you a wound. Compare thereafter whether the pain of the wound is more severe than the pain of the heart." My condition was like that of a little lost child, who weeps and wanders, but does not find its mother.


19 August

On 19 August, the earliest train which could take me to my ailing beloved Master, was the train at 12:30 p.m., as I lost my senses and was even unable to drive the car myself. In the morning of 19 August, Master’s condition was alarming. All requested Him to take medicine, but Master refused. He said, "I don’t want to take any allopathic medicine, because it does not fit me. You should make a phone call to the Doctor from Amritsar. He should come."

I was on the way, but my train was late. In the evening, they compelled Master very much. They said, "Master, these doctors we have brought are specialists. What can this Doctor from Amritsar tell more. He mostly uses the herbal medicines. You should take the medicine." Master again and again refused. But in the evening they compelled Master very much to take medicine. The doctor prescribed all these four tablets which I had asked Master not to take. It was not the fault of this doctor, it was his ignorance, he could not realize that Master was not suffering from asthma. All members lovably stressed Master so much that He took all the four tablets.

After Master had taken these tablets, His whole body started to burn, as the lungs did not supply oxygen to the brain. When I reached the Ashram and saw Master, I was told that those allopathic tablets had been given to the Master. During the whole night I remained at Master’s side. But Master kept his eyes closed. Though the doctors administered glucose, Master’s whole body was burning.


20 August

Master was asked again and again to go to the hospital, but each time Master said, "I have no problem, if anyone of you has any problem, tell me, then there is a remedy for it."

After 3:00 p.m. a doctor was brought from Willington hospital who advised the admission. Master told, "Since you have brought the doctor, I must go now. Otherwise I don’t feel any necessity to go to the hospital." (Masters never disobey the natural laws.)

After 3:30 p.m. by the help of a chair Master was brought down to the car where He was sitting on the front seat. Master requested all people who already had gathered in the Ashram to leave the Ashram and to go back to their homes. Then Master told, "I am going to the hospital. Except those who are in the car with me, nobody should come to the hospital." The persons in the car were Taiji, Master’s driver, and I. Master’s expression was radiant and there was no sign of illness on His face. I was sitting behind Him in the car. I had brought four or five pillows with me to ease His sitting. When Master started to drive, it began to rain a little. It was very hot but when the car started, it began to rain. Many people were sitting in the Ashram. Master asked all of them to come near and instructed them that no one should come to the hospital. "No one should come into my room except those who are in the car with me", because Master said already, "I don’t want to repeat the history."

History was a reference to the physical departure of Master Sawan Singh. Master Sawan Singh had directed our Master to work but at the time of His physical departure they manipulated the situation and made a will. But spirituality can never be transferred by a will. Spirituality is only transferred through the eyes.

So Master only allowed Taiji, the driver and me to come. Everybody obeyed His orders; no one came. It was very hot, but suddenly it started to rain and within half an hour the atmosphere got better. We took it for a good omen.

In the hospital Master’s condition on the first day, the 20, was little better. He said, "Alright, you should all sleep, take rest." I mean to say that inspite of His so heavy physical condition Master thought only of His disciples and not of Himself. I was most of the time sitting at His bedside.

Once in the evening I wanted to go to the market to bring one medicine, which the doctors had prescribed. It was late and I wanted to bring it myself. At once Master opened His eyes and gave me a sign with His eyes not to go. I felt very happy, thinking that Master was much better now. Again Master closed His eyes. Sometimes with a little drowsiness Master would try to take away the needle used for the intravenous therapy. Each time I said, "Master, it is there to infuse glucose", and Master each time said, "Okay, no fear."

While sitting I went on praying to the Master, but I could not put my thoughts together. The condition of the Master got a little bit better, and sometimes I felt that Master was taking rest. Like this it continued the whole night.


21 August

In the morning Master opened His eyes. Immediately I presented some water to Him. But Master said, "It is not a time for water, it is a tea time." We were very happy to hear from the Master that He wanted tea, thinking that Master now felt well. Master said, "I will take the tea, but you take it first." So we all took tea and breakfast. Master said, "You are hungry from the night, you can take it fully." They had brought lots of things and we were very happy that Master now had demanded for tea. It was a good sign. Master Himself did not take anything. But when we had taken everything, then we presented the tea to the Master. Master said, "Oh, no, I do not need it really." At once we got worried. Master closed His eyes. None of us dared to ask Him again to take the tea. Why had He ordered it? He knew that He would leave the body and that we would not take anything; already we had not taken anything from night on and at least would not take anything for one day. So Master was more conscious about our food. He was leaving the body and still He was caring for our food. And whatever trouble He was bearing, He neglected it. He was thinking about us.

At about 11:00 a.m. Smt Chander Sheikhar M.P. visited the hospital to see the Master. Seeing her, Master at once opened His eyes and sat on the bed, although He was still with the intravenous drip. Master greeted her lovably and two minutes later she went back. Besides her neither any initiates nor any member of His family nor anyone else was allowed to see the Master. All obeyed Master’s order. After 2:00 p.m. the doctors told that the condition of the Master had deteriorated, but His outer appearance showed no sign of any trouble.

Someone who is really much in trouble, finds no way and then prays to God for safety. Where all things fail, there prayer succeeds.

I got very uneasy and made a prayer before the Master, "In future we will do as You wish. Take pity on us, be healthy." At once I realized that my prayer was true. Master opened His eyes and told me, "Yes, all right."

Soon Taiji came and seeing the Master, she cried and asked Master, "Who will be our Saviour after You?" Master, holding His finger above, said, "He already did and He will do in future. You need not worry. He has done everything."

My hopes dashed to ground and I started praying again and again. Finally I sat in meditation in one corner of the room. I felt His voice resounding in my ear, "Don’t be worried, He will not leave you."

I stood up and went again to Master’s beside. While standing I at once experienced Master looking at me and I could only realize that in His eye the whole secret of the path from the first to the eighth stage was hidden. We call it "third eye"– in His third eye this whole mystery was hidden. In the same moment I could realize that this eye cannot depend upon anybody. This I realized: He is not dependent upon anybody, and within some seconds I bowed down before the Master. But in the same moment I realized that this is the support for a borrowed servant. I thought many times if Master would leave us, I would lose my support in the world, since my eyes will never perceive the eyes of anybody.

After 5:00 p.m. I felt a different vibration which touched my paining heart. I saw the whole room glittering like in golden light, and felt some powers welcoming the Master.

At 6:35 p.m. Master closed His eyes, then He closed His mouth very tightly, and at once He left the physical body – His pulse was in my hand, it went so fast that no one could trace it later on. In the case of an ordinary person the pulse disappears slowly. The electrocardiogram finished like as there was a full stop. Master had withdrawn in a moment.

Harbhajan Singh


Sant Kirpal Singh's last talk to disciples from outside India was held on evening of 17 August 1974
Seeing Sant Kirpal Singh in physical pain a disciple asked Him, "Master, why don’t You heal yourself? You are almighty."
Sant Kirpal Singh replied, "Why don’t you heal yourself...? If someone you love gives you something, would you refuse it? Tell me! What does he hope for you? You would gladly accept it. These are selections by God. They send the fruit – certain people to administer certain things. They know when to come and when they are going back. They won’t let you down, mind that!"
Sant Kirpal Singh, 1974

No measure could measure
the depth of His love.

Harbhajan Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh, August 1974

He, the ocean of grace, stole our heart
and went inside.
Seeing Him here in this world,
we saw that He was God,
seeing Him inside, we saw that He was
the Creator of the whole universe.

Harbhajan Singh

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