Masters came into the world to teach us a lesson of love and devotion. All the lovers on the way they really found no sign-post, they had only the devotion and love for their Master. If really you know how to come over the kingdom of heart only thereafter you become the monarch. Love and faith unto the Masterpower removes all the dirt, all attachment. He who wins over His heart has no wish, he will never ask anything for worldly purposes.

Our Master Sant Kirpal Singh went through that process and He taught us the same. To live for others and serve others is the only way to win over the heart of the Master. Masters come for all and those who live for all, they are loved by the Master, because we are not two, we are one in the form of our consciousness, in the form of our soul – we are only identified into the world out of our emotions, wishes and our thoughts. He is the Masterpower which is within. He is controlling us, and He is one and the same for everybody. If you remember Him, He will remember you. If you think of the Master, it at once reaches His heart.

Devotion and faith need no time, they are very spontaneous. Master comes within the twinkling of an eye. He is there, in the beyond, but He lives in each one of us. He is the life of our life, He is the breath in our breath. He is very close, He hears us, He hears everything within us.

Master is able to give something, which is needed by someone. Then you can get all possibilities from Him. He cannot deny anything out of love. Master is above all barriers. If He is caught somewhere, He is caught only out of love. Devotion and love only rises when you have no reason, when you step upon your reason and your reason becomes thoughtless, when you have only the sweet remembrance of the Masterpower – think of Him and He is there.

Master never wanted to leave this world because He had more love for His children, for the humanity than to go. Such a great Master – He had no wish. He never wished to go back, He knew, if He had to go, He still had to work for us – He had to clear our way. He went within  to take us some steps above. In reality He did a lot of work, not only for some people, but for all human beings.

His Power works all the time, and our purpose is unique, it should never differ. One time Master was asked: “Who is Your successor? Who will work after You?” And Master said in the very open Satsang: “You are all my Saints, you all can work.”

We all should have the higher values of life with us. Once we determine our life, Masterpower helps. If you start to live and do for Him, it is the Master-power which protects you, which gives you all positive effects and will develop you as conscious co-worker of the divine plan. This is only possible through His Grace, otherwise not. There is no end to His work, there is no end to His Mission, and there is no end to His Grace.

Whatever He did, we must do. We have to fulfil His Mission. The work that we have started now is entirely His work. His Mission and Kirpal Sagar is coming up now like a flower.

Unity of Man


Sant Kirpal Singh

You are All-Consciousness.
Bless each of Your children
with a drop of that consciousness
or give that which is overflowing.

Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh – "The radiation and vibration He gave us out of His love that still echoes in us and it will never finish."

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