12 - 15 October

Sant Kirpal Singh arrived in Boston, Massachusetts, at 8 p.m. During His three days here, He stayed in Brookline at the home of His representative, Mrs. Mildred Prendergast. The afternoon heart-to-heart talks were given in the Brookline Motor Hotel, just across the street. The evening public talks were given at Lowell Lecture Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge.

On 14 October, Sant Kirpal Singh was interviewed by Jay Richard Turner of the Siddhartha Foundation, Waltham, Mass., for a program called On the Path to Higher Consciousness over Radio Station WBUR.

Master included Dr. Michio Kushi, well known macrobiotic teacher; the Editor of East-West magazine; and the Baron Frary von Blomberg, Co-President of the World Fellowship of Religions, who discussed many topics with Him and sought His guidance.

On 15 October, Sant Kirpal Singh left by car for Sant Bani Ashram, Sanbornton, New Hampshire, at 9 p.m., immediately after the evening lecture at Harvard University.

In preparation for His coming, the disciples there at Sant Bani Ashram had made with their own hands a house for the Master to live in. It was to this house, by the side of a pond, that Master was taken, outside of which were a large group of local disciples waiting with great joy to see Him. He sat with them so lovingly in the living room of His house, and reminisced about His previous visit and other past events.

The weather was cold, but as He said smilingly, "Love knows no cold."

16 - 20 October

The next morning people began arriving from all over. Many people wanted to be there in Sant Kirpal Singh's company, and about 500 persons were fed and accommodated during His stay. Many others from the local area attended the public talks and came to see the Master. He urged the dear ones present to utilize the five days they had here for meditation, and told them not to gossip or waste time in frivolous activities. Some of the public talks were held outdoors, by the pond, next to the Master's house, and others were held in the Satsang Hall, which however was not nearly large enough to hold the dear ones who had flocked there.

On another occasion, a very old retired Christian minister was present, the grandfather of an disciple; the Master treated him with great respect, and engaged him in conversation for some time. The gentleman said, "I feel peace in your presence, Sir, but I can't call you Master." Sant Kirpal Singh smiled at him and asked, "What is your age, sir, if I may ask?" The gentleman replied that he was 87. The Master said, "All right, just take me as your younger brother."

At one of the afternoon meetings held outdoors, the entire student body and faculty of Horizon's Edge School, a nearby private school, came to hear Sant Kirpal Singh. He addressed the discourse to them, and afterward spoke with them in His house, where He joked with them and gave them parshad. He told them to be devoted and obedient to their teachers, since only one-third comes through reading, etc.; the rest comes through receptivity. He also advised them to read biographies of great men.

Reported by a member of the touring group


So all Masters say, we want spirituality. Spirituality means knowing one's self and knowing God – nothing more, nothing less. But that wants purity of thought. That is why two things are given to you. Times have changed; you are given something to start with the very first day; the soul which is overburdened with sins of the past, hundreds of births, is given a boost. The burden is a little shaken off. You are dragged upward. You see the Light to start with. And further you are asked to weed out all imperfections, to maintain diaries. And this is what is called spirituality. When you introspect your lives, you see, don't spare yourself. Criticize yourself as you would criticize others. And whatever is there, weed out. Simply saying, "I am a sinner, I am a sinner," that won't do. So the first step is like that. You want spirituality, you want to meet God, is it not?

Sant Kirpal Singh


On Tuesday, 17 October, Sant Kirpal Singh paid a visit to the Sant Bani Press in Tilton, N.H., where Sat Sandesh and some of His books are printed. He thus graciously blessed the place, much to the joy of the Press staff.

On the evening of 19 October, the Master spoke before an absolutely packed hall on the importance and nature of Masters.

On Friday afternoon, 20 October, after a very sweet farewell, Sant Kirpal Singh left by car to Kirpal Ashram in Vermont.

21 - 23 October

The following morning, 21 October, many more people arrived. The Master gave a short talk and at 1 p.m. He left for Burlington, forty miles away, where He had been invited by the University of Vermont to be the guest of the Dept. of Religion for two days. Immediately on arrival at the University, the Master was received and welcomed by them; following which, He gave a short talk. He was then taken to the East O'Lake Hotel, where He stayed for the duration of the time in Vermont.

Sant Kirpal Singh gave a series of lectures in various halls of the University, which were exceptionally well attended by the students: The halls were so filled that the disciples present were asked to give the students first chance at the front seats, etc., so that they would have an opportunity to see and hear Sant Kirpal Singh at close quarters.

In addition to the lectures, the Master saw many students and others, in small groups and individually, at His hotel room. At one of these sessions, two priests, who had read the book Naam or Word, came to see Him. They had greatly appreciated the book, and asked the Master searching questions on the nature of inner experience.

The Religion faculty, accompanied by many students, also visited Master in His hotel room, and asked many questions. He told them that His work was purely spiritual, and cultural and social problems would take care of themselves if the spiritual work was done first. He also explained to them the reasons behind the vegetarian diet. One of the professors commented on how much they appreciated Sant Kirpal Singh's presence, and invited Him to visit the University again. It was announced that Satsang would be held regularly at the University.

Sant Kirpal Singh left Burlington on 23 October at 9 a.m. by car, to visit Montreal, a city in Canada.

Reported by a member of the touring group

Something substantial has been given to you, with the grace of God and with the grace of our Master. The more you come into contact with that, the more you live up to that, the more Bread and Water of Life you will be given within, the more you'll derive benefit. By having that Bread, you see, nothing remains to be known. The Vedas say, "What is that, by knowing which, nothing remains to be known?" That satisfies our mind and everything.

So these are a few words I am just telling you. After this evening's talk is over – tomorrow we have to go, physically, after all; it is His orders. So don't forget it, I would say. He is within you. Try to live, develop receptivity in you, and remain in contact. Of course that adds to my work, but I gladly take it up. When I see you are progressing, what more is wanted? How much joy I'll feel when you have all become ambassadors. I wish you all to be like that. Then your duty also becomes something more: what Christ said to his disciples when he sent them around to tell people – "What you heard in your ears, speak from the housetops, to let people who are seekers know what is what."

So my wishes are with you all, one and all; I wish you progress.
Sant Kirpal Singh

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It is the desire for God which will bring you closer to God. If you take one step, He will take one hundred steps to receive you.

Sant Kirpal Singh


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