On January 2, 1973, Sant Kirpal Singh returned from His Third World Tour. Thousand people from all over India came to Sawan Ashram, Delhi, to welcome Him. Many official guests were waiting for Sant Kirpal Singh and many invitations followed.

From 3 – 7 February the celebrations for Sant Kirpal Singh's 79th birthday were held at Sawan Ashram - the first big gathering.


Christ said, I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. This is the relationship between the Guru and his disciple.

The sikh or disciple is he who is accepted as such by the Guru. It is none of the disciple's doing; it is all my Master's work. He said to me,"Look here, I have done this much, the rest you have to do." I wept in anguish, "Master, how can I do it?" And he said, "I am with you." So when the sikh merges his identity in the Guru and becomes one with him, it is the Guru's power that works, for it is his work.

A Muslim Saint says, I am the body, and you are the life that animates it; you become me and I become you, so that people may not say that you and I are different entities. When such a relationship is established between the Master and the disciple, then the Master does everything. It all depends on the Master's acceptance of the disciple. Perhaps I was a spendthrift. My Master Hazur Maharaj Ji saw that this spendthrift would give away the wealth freely to all and sundry. And that was what he wanted, for his treasury of Naam is inexhaustible and will remain full forever. And that is why thousands are getting the benefit of his munificence. It is not my wealth. That is why I say that I am only a stalking horse.

In the morning Satsang today I said that when Godmen come they give the clarion call, "Come ye all, return to your true home." Christ said, I am going back to the House of my Father. Other Masters also said the same thing in their own way. So Masters come to take the children of God back to their true Home. That is their mission. To whom does the credit go? To Him Who sends them.

I said in the morning session that the sun is about to set. Take heed before it is too late. Those who have had some capital to start with through the grace of the Master should try to increase it. My Master Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj used to say, "One who has studied and become a graduate in his lifetime will remain a graduate even after death. But he who has remained illiterate during his lifetime cannot hope to become a graduate after death." So wake up before it is too late. You cannot depend on life. So this man body is a golden opportunity you have got. This is your turn to meet God. Avail yourself of this opportunity and stop not until the goal is reached.

Sant Kirpal Singh, 5 February, 1973

Sant Kirpal Singh

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