Sant Kirpal Singh's first program was set up at Köln (Cologne), where about a hundred brothers and sisters were waiting at the airport. The Master met each one of them individually and asked about their welfare. All of them followed Him to the Dom Hotel, where He was to stay. A little later Sant Kirpal Singh had personal meetings with a few of them before addressing them jointly at 5 p.m. in the Conference Hall of the hotel, which was packed to capacity. Pin drop silence prevailed as the Master answered questions from the floor on a wide range of subjects.

At the end of the talk, everyone was sitting quietly, no one wanted to leave. After a while the Master said, "You are feasting in me and I am feasting in you." That night many people came to meet Him and seek guidance for their personal problems. He cheerfully satisfied them all.

Reported by a member of the touring group


Love cannot be expressed in words. No words can express it. Yes – you can see from the Light which dances in the loving eyes – by radiation. I send you my hearty love, you see. Two days I am here. I hope you will be enjoying, and all will sit together in the sweet remembrance of God.

You have been put on the way, the main reason for my coming here now is that you may progress on the way and have better understanding. So today, go away with the firm conviction that you are all one. We are all brothers and sisters in God. We have got the same work ahead, the same ideal, the same One whom we worship. There is no high, no low. Basic teachings are the same everywhere; for the first purpose: to prepare the ground for the higher teaching.

I wish you all progress, you see. I address my loving words to you, and also the love which has driven me here despite all the hurdles on the way.

Sant Kirpal Singh


On 27 August, a wonderful meeting was held in the afternoon, at which many people had to stand as the seats were filled. When the talk and questions were over, again no one was in a mood to leave! They just sat on, looking at their beloved's charming face and getting radiation to quench their thirst. Sometimes the Master broke the silence with remarks going deep into their hearts. At last, the meeting came to an end about 6 p.m., as another public meeting was scheduled for 8:15 p.m. in the Cultural Hall of Köln.

Reported by a member of the touring group


The manbody, you see, is the highest in all creation, in which we have two possibilities: to wind up and be free of all debts of the reactions already earned; and no new line (of actions) to be set, or adopted. So in your life, whichever way the 'railway line' is laid, the train must run over that.

Further, you are at liberty to change to the line which reaches to God from the world ward side. So, the manbody is the highest 'golden opportunity' in which you can have the way back to God. What have we done in this way?

You see that we have done physically and intellectually enough. But with all these advances, we are not happy. The reason? We have become intellectually strong – made new inventions – and following this, new things and findings have come up. We can go to the moon now – to other planets. ... So, with all these advancements, we are not happy – because the third side, our own self, is unknown after all that. We have given little or no food to our own self. We are conscious entities. Thank God that God has given the Bread and Water of Life within you, also. And He resides in you already as the Bread and Water of Life. With a contact with that, you can become spiritually strong.

Sant Kirpal Singh


On 28 August, Sant Kirpal Singh flew from Köln to Berlin.



About thirty disciples flew with Sant Kirpal Singh on the same plane and obtained rooms at the same hotel in Berlin, just to be near Him as long as possible.

One of the Conference Halls in the hotel was booked for Master's talks, and Master met the disciples there twice that day – from 4 to 6 p.m., and from 8 to 10 p.m. The Master told them He was glad to be amongst them once again, and stressed that the true purpose of life on earth could only be achieved if the dear ones live the life enjoined by Him. On 29 August, that afternoon the Master answered questions in the Conference Hall.

One of the disciples said that since they were deprived of the Master's physical presence, they liked to keep His pictures. The Master explained that the pictures are for remembrance only, not for worship or visualization. He said, "If you see a photograph of your parents, you do not think of the paper but of your parents. In the same way, a photograph of the Master will bring you His sweet memory."

At 8 p.m. Sant Kirpal Singh spoke to another packed hall at Urania House, Berlin.

Reported by a member of the touring group


If you meet someone who is one with the Truth, who knows who and what he is and has experienced the Lord, through his help your senses will invert, you will withdraw from the outer world and will be able to see inside.

A realized person, who has already unravelled this life’s enigma, can demonstrate how to rise above body-consciousness and still the senses, mind and intellect. When these faculties are stilled the soul is able to rise above, and with the grace of the Guru it is reunited with the oversoul. If you come to know yourself, your whole angle of vision will change, and so will your attitude to life. You will see who your life-long companion is, and who is the operator of the body’s machinery – the same power which controls all creation.

Sant Kirpal Singh


On 30 August, Sant Kirpal Singh left Berlin for Nürnberg.



When Sant Kirpal Singh arrived, it was discovered that many more disciples had arrived from Berlin, either by car or train. Everyone followed Him into the Grand Hotel, where He was to stay.

Sant Kirpal Singh gave a talk and answered questions at 4 p.m. at the hotel. Many peoples were present, and some of them asked for initiation. He told them to first grasp the theory and observe the dietary regulations and their applications would be considered. He told the people that many of them were put on the path many years back, and asked them if they were progressing from day to day. He said that we must take stock, see where we stand, and take all necessary steps for improvement. Later on the same night, Master gave a heart-to-heart talk to a large audience, including many newcomers, at the hotel.

That same night at 8:30 p.m. Sant Kirpal Singh gave still another talk.

The next day, 31 August, the Master gave a heart-to-heart talk in the same hall. He explained that the ultimate goal of our life is to reach our true home, and for this we have to knock on the door which, as the scriptures say, will be opened. Sant Kirpal Singh mentioned that we should work hard, stand on our own legs, and help others, physically as well as intellectually, who are in need, as this will invoke more grace and bring in humility. He added that the Masters send out their best wishes for peace to all the world over.

At 4 p.m. the dear ones gathered in large numbers in the same hall to hear the Master answer questions.

A public meeting was arranged that night at 8 p.m. in the Meistersinger Halle, a large hall accommodating 1200. The audience listened attentively as Sant Kirpal Singh touched every aspect of life. At the conclusion of the talk, the audience spontaneously burst into applause. Master asked them to stop; He said it was not necessary to applaud, He had not given them a lecture but had spoken to them from His heart.

Early in the morning, on 1 September, Sant Kirpal Singh left for Stuttgart by train. The railway station was near the hotel, and He walked there, accompanied by many of His devoted children. It was a very sweet sight; many people took pictures, and people passing by on the road stopped and asked what was happening. When the train left at 9:30, many devotees burst into tears. Others went right along with Him in the same train, as they could not bring themselves to say good-bye. A separate compartment was reserved for Sant Kirpal Singh and His party, but the disciples stood outside in the corridor to be as near to Him as possible. After a while, the Master asked them to go to their seats and rest. But they preferred to remain standing in the corridor. On seeing this, the Master humorously remarked that since they had paid first class fare but were standing in the corridor, they should ask for a refund. This had made everyone laugh.

Sant Kirpal Singh spoke about inconvenience while travelling, and said that very few Saints had travelled very far, Guru Nanak being the main exception with his four long journeys in all directions. Generally, He said, Saints gave out spirituality in their own territories, and travelled very little. He was undertaking His Third World Tour as a puppet in the hands of His beloved Master. He said this very humbly, and it had a tremendous impact on His listeners.

Further, the Master said, that once God asked a Saint what gift he would like. The Saint replied that he was a drop of the ocean of all consciousness. If the drop merges in the ocean, the ocean derives no benefit; therefore, He prayed to remain outside the ocean and asked for strength to spread God’s message of love to suffering humanity.

As Master said this, we all became aware that He is taking upon Himself the hardships of such arduous journeys for the sake of humanity – for the sake of all of us.



After a few stops, the train reached Stuttgart at noon. Sant Kirpal Singh was taken to the Park Hotel, where He stayed in the same suite used by the President of Germany.

At 4 p.m. in the Conference Hall of the hotel, the Master spoke on the true value and purpose of our life on earth. He said that the whole world was in a grand delusion, and that there is a dire need for right understanding. The following day Sant Kirpal Singh gave another sitting, in response to urgent requests.

That afternoon on September 2, the Master met with all the European group leaders. He said that he appreciated the efforts they were putting in for the holy cause which enabled many a sincere struggling dear one to come on the way, God willing. He stressed the need of living an honest, chaste and humble life, so as to set an example for others. He urged them to cooperate with each other and find a solution to any problem by mutual discussion. But He said to feel free to refer any important issue to Him for guidance where necessary.

When the Master asked them if they were sending diaries, they all said they were and expressed their gratitude for the inner help and guidance that Master had given them. He suggested they study the sacred literature relating to the science of the soul thoroughly, so that they could reply to all possible questions, and told them they were all on His mind and they should remain in contact for feasible guidance.

At 7:30 p.m. Sant Kirpal Singh spoke at the Gustav Siegle Haus to about 500 persons.

Before leaving Stuttgart on 3 September, many people came to Sant Kirpal Singh's hotel to say goodby.

Reported by a member of the touring group

Sant Kirpal Singh, Dom Hotel, Köln, August 1972
Sant Kirpal Singh, Dom Hotel, Köln, August 1972

"Last ­time I ­came in 1963. It is ­nine ­years ­now ­that I ­have ­been ­away ­from ­you phys­i­cal­ly …"

Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh, Nürnberg, 30 August,  1972
Sant Kirpal Singh, in the train from Nürnberg to Stuttgart, 1 September, 1972

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