Gyan is not what is written in books, it is the source of all the knowledges of the world. We have to strive hard to develop our children with the supreme knowledge, so that they know the source and handle their own problems before they identify in the world with the so-called knowledge.

The idea of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji was to create ideal children who while studying would be helped to know the very art of life which may further lead them with the higher values of life.

In the Kirpal Sagar Academy the children are taught humanity above outer labels, rituals and rites, different dogmas, caste, colour or creed. In their daily life, beside the subjects, they learn self-confidence and the spiritual aspects of life through their teachers who duly live a pure life with high thoughts.

The Kirpal Sagar Academy is a state-recognized private school. Students from poor families receive scholarships. The classes follow an international curriculum (CBSE-Standard). The school has its own charm to develop the children through debates, declamations and contests which further make them self-centred.

The Kirpal Harbhajan Public School starts with two Kindergarten classes, followed by 8 elementary classes. Many of the children from the surrounding areas attend the school receiving good education which they otherwise could not afford.


Kirpal Harbhajan Public SchoolKirpal Sagar Academy


The real aim of education is to develop the charac­ter and individuality of a pupil, his mind, will and soul power. The best education is that which teaches us that the end of knowledge is service.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Kirpal Sagar Academy
Kirpal Sagar Academy
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"The true aim of education" – Sant Kirpal Singh

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