Ruhani Satsang, as the name implies, is a centre for imparting purely spiritual teachings and training to mankind, irrespective of class barriers such as caste, colour, creed, sex, age, education or avocation. As nature offers her bounties of light, water and air, etc., freely to one and all, so is spirituality offered freely to all who are anxious for Self-knowledge and God-knowledge.

It was ever the desire of my Master, Baba Sawan Singh Ji, to form a common forum where people professing various faiths and religious beliefs or belonging to diverse sects and orders could meet together to discuss the principles of spirituality and to practise spiritual discipline under the guidance of a Mastersoul, thereby gaining salvation and peace, both here and hereafter.

It is the intention of Ruhani Satsang to help to produce a true work of art, that is, a whole man: one freed from the lower passions and instincts which degrade his true nature. Man as intended by God is a noble being with noble qualities and aspirations, directed to the attainment of Self- and God-realization in his lifetime. He is not on this earth merely to eat, sleep, breed, and then die. These are the limits imposed on the lower orders of creation; but man has the spark of God in him, and he is intended for higher things.

Sant Kirpal Singh



As a result of my readings, I arrived at the conclusion that man-making is the highest ideal of all.
Without the knowledge of the science of "man-making", mastery over the self or animal man cannot be achieved, the higher or spiritual part of man’s nature cannot come into play. The most urgent need of society today is the active presence of such people, the more there are, the better.

The seekers are trained and disciplined in order that they may elevate themselves physically, morally, and intellectually, which will result in true spiritual progress. This will enable them to face successfully the trials and tribulations that they encounter in their day-to-day living. To help them in this phase of their development, they are enjoined to maintain a self-introspection diary, recording their failures in non-violence, truthfulness, chastity, loving humility, and selfless service. The gradual weeding out of such failures creates the right environment for the continued growth of the seed of spirituality, which is implanted in the seeker by the Master at the time of his Initiation. The end result of the training thus imparted fits an initiate for the inner journey as well as making him a decent, law-abiding citizen, and so an asset to society.

Such a one becomes an ideal man, with his physical body in full bloom and his soul full of the glory and intoxication of the Ringing Radiance of God. He sees himself as part of the creation and wishes, as did Guru Nanak, "Peace be unto all the world over, under Thy Will, o God."

Sant Kirpal Singh


Sant Kirpal Singh

Talk:"Man, know thyself!"
This talk was given by Sant Kirpal Singh in the early days of His mission, recorded on a tape and sent to the West, 1955


Mp3: "Man, know thyself!"

Mp3: Hindi Satsang at Dayal Singh College, Karnal, 22 January, 1955

Talk: "It is a noble search" 
Original handwrittings: "Right understanding"



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