The competent Masters used to maintain a common kitchen, where the food is cooked in sweet remembrance of God and people are taking food together. In Kirpal Sagar on certain occasions (Bhandaras) thousands of people participate at the meals. Due to the Farm, the Centre is self-sufficient with basic food. The two-storied building contains various offices, a telephone exchange, a small printing press and a computer room with public internet access.

Harbhajan Singh


Diet plays an important part in the build-up of our mental thinking. The food we take when assimilated in the system, colours our life impulses in its own colour. The very bones and blood get dyed in the colour of the food we take. Adulterated or dead foods cannot be the source of Life. This is why the Masters on the Path of Spirituality always insist on complete abstinence from all meats, fish, fowl and eggs (both fertile and infertile), and from all alcoholic beverages or intoxicants and other opiates and stimulants, as one dulls the thinking faculty and the other flares up animal passions within and renders one insensate to the higher impulses in life. "As you think, so you become," is an age-old aphorism, and to it may be added, "As is the food, so is the mind."

A natural diet, comprising vegetables, fruits, nuts, butter, bread and cheese, in moderate quantities, is highly nutritious for the health and strength necessary for carrying on the obligations of life, either earthly or spiritual. An eminent physician says, "We dig our graves in the kitchen, and more deeply with our teeth." Moreover, closely connected with this problem is the far-reaching inexorable Law of Karma – the Law of Cause and Effect, or of Action and Reaction. "As you sow, so shall you reap," is an adage too well known to need any comments. You cannot have roses out of tares. Everything in the world, or of the world, has to be paid for. Even our so-called joys and pleasures require a price. You cannot take away life without paying the penalty thereof. "The wages of sin," said Christ, "is death" and you can well decide for yourself if you are prepared to pay for it.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Langar - Kirpal SagarLangar - Kirpal Sagar



Langar - Kirpal Sagar

God is immanent in every form and whoever loves God, must love God's creation.

Sant Kirpal Singh

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Langar - Kirpal Sagar
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