After the physical departure of His Master Baba Sawan Singh, Master went to Rishikesh and there He lived for five months. During the time in Rishikesh, Sant Kirpal Singh said one day, "Now let me make some chapatis for you," and then He prepared beautiful chapatis for all. He then told His family and those with Him, "I am cooking chapatis for you today, but in future you may not be able to get the same amount of time from me."

One day it happened that Master was sitting in meditation on one stone and the water started rising in the river. Taiji along with some persons witnessed that a very decorated ladylike figure wearing red clothes appeared in the water and came towards Master. Seeing her, they made some noise, then she disappeared. Then Master told them, "It was Gangaji." It is that goddess who lives in the Ganges river. The Ganges river is very pure, the water is so clear that you can see even the pebbles lying below. It is a tradition in India, that after the cremation of a dead body all bones of the dead are thrown into the Ganges river. The remains of millions of bones are already lying there.

This Ganga Mata asked the Master, "Now the water is full of bones. What should I do? Give me the way to come out of it, give me Your holy work. With this other work I am very much fed up." Master gave her the assurance, "A time will come, when I will also give work to you." Master loves all, whether they are gods and goddesses, or avatars, for if they demand the Grace of the Master, He also helps them.

Harbhajan Singh

When my Master left the body, I had to go to the wilderness. I had some experience of the jungle and secluded places for five or six months. I went to Rishikesh, the home of Hindu theology, so to say. Shivananda, who has since passed away, lived there and many other yogis as well. I went there and lived in a jungle across the river. I met everybody. All were intellectual wrestlers, debating clubs, all performing this elementary step: how to say prayers, how to perform certain rites and certain rituals. And most of them were doing hatha yoga practices. Of course, with due deference to it, it makes the body fit – that's all right.

There was also one fellow, who is still alive, called Raghuvacharya. He's an old man now – I think one hundred and six or seven years old – but he gets around like anything. When I went to see him, people said, "Oh, he never cares for anybody." When I was about more than one hundred or one hundred and fifty yards away, he appeared. He was sitting on his feet. He looked at me and he stood up. People said, "That's strange. He has never cared for any man, yet he stood up." He came forward and met me, and we had a talk. And in the talk it came out that he went to the first plane: to Sahasrar. I found only one man who had transcended the body and reached the first stage. He said that what he had learned by going through all the Shastras, Vedas and Upanishads, "I have come to know something which you speak by yourself!"

Sant Kirpal Singh


Sant Kirpal Singh, Rishikesh
Sant Kirpal Singh talks about His time in Rishikesh

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