The Masters are not the monopoly of anyone, they come for everyone, not for one group of humanity or another. They give a knowledge which is beyond the senses, which is an ocean of intoxication – a mighty effulgence of bliss. This bliss is within each human being, but has been suppressed by the mind and the senses, and is therefore not enjoyed.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Sant Kirpal Singh undertook three World Tours.
The First World Tour came in 1955, the purpose of which was to re-introduce the forgotten science of the soul to seekers after truth and give them the practical experience. He said, "We are conscious entities, drops of the ocean of all-consciousness which is God. The diffculty is, that we have forgotten our true identities of God."

The Second World Tour came 8 years later in the crisis-ridden years 1963 – 1964. There Sant Kirpal Singh met many religious, social and political heads of different countries. To all these leading personalities Sant Kirpal Singh gave the same message, "You have under your care many millions of the children of God. Their welfare is entrusted to you. Can you therefore gamble with their lives and still affirm that you abide by your scriptures and ethical laws?"

The Third World Tour was in 1972 – 1973. Sant Kirpal Singh visited many big cities of Germany, Switzerland, France, England, USA, Canada and Mexico. Everywhere He was given a warm welcome by thousands of His beloved children, after the separation of nearly nine years. It is too difficult to express, how loveable He delivered His love into the heart of thousands and the impression He left with His children.

He told, "This time I have only come to strengthen your belief, devotion and love to the Master." – "Make the best use of this golden opportunity. I am now approaching my eightieth year. God knows if I come another time or not. But believe Him, He will not let you down." – "I am a son of man first, and not a lecturer. I can give you only heart-to-heart talks, which come from the heart and are delivered into the heart."


Just as a father is moved by the pitiable condition of his son and advises him out of sheer of compassion, similar is the case with our heavenly Father. He assumes the garb of a Saint and awakens the sleeping humanity out of deep slumber.

Sant Kirpal Singh

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