Sant Kirpal Singh crossed the Canadian border and arrived in Hamilton, Ontario, on October 22. He gave two talks at the Connaught Hotel and one talk at the Y.M.C.A. These talks met with a tremendous response from the audience; many people came to Him with further questions about the science of the soul, and it was in Hamilton that one of the deeply significant incidents of the Tour took place.

A young schoolboy, having overheard his parents discussing the Master's visit, informed his school friends that a great Saint was in the neighborhood. This resulted in excited crowds of children constantly arriving at the Master's house, from early morning until late afternoon, in order to have a glimpse of this holy man from India. The Master asked that several bushels of apples be brought, and He went into the garden and spoke with the children, giving each child parshad in the form of an apple. By the evening many baskets of apples had been emptied, and the fourth group of children was sitting patiently outside the house.

After His final discourse in Hamilton, Kirpal Singh left for Toronto where He was received by the Honorable Earl Rowe, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, at Government House. The Master told the Lieutenant-Governor about His work with the World Fellowship of Religions and the success which had crowned his endeavors for the W.F.R. in the West. The Lieutenant-Governor expressed great appreciation for the work of the World Fellowship of Religions and congratulated Kirpal Singh on the wonderful results attending the tremendous task which he had undertaken. A press conference was later held which was also attended by T.V. officials who recorded a message from Kirpal Singh for re-transmission. The Master was received at the City Hall by Mr. Norris, the City Clerk, who was officiating in the absence of the Mayor. Kirpal Singh was presented with a medallion and an inscribed book by the City Clerk.

Three public talks on the science of the soul, attended by large numbers of people, were given in Toronto.

A moving scene took place in St. Joseph's Hospital, Toronto, where, in spite of the very tight schedule, Kirpal Singh visited Mr. James Straw, a sick disciple. James Straw had awaited the Master's arrival for many years, but had suddenly been taken ill prior to Sant Kirpal Singh's visit. Now, with tears of joy and happiness, he saw his beloved Master enter his ward and stand by his bedside. Overcome with this deep emotion of love, Mr. Straw listened in silence as Kirpal Singh gave him words of encouragement and solace.



Sant Kirpal Singh arrived in Detroit, on October 28, and was welcomed by Mrs. Olga Donenberg, his Chicago representative. A press conference was held in the afternoon, and Sant Kirpal Singh and His mission were fully reported in the following day's newspapers. In the evening, Sant Kirpal Singh gave a public talk in the Fine Arts Museum. The talk was sponsored by the local branch of the Self Realization Fellowship and was attended by over seven hundred people.

On the following day, Sant Kirpal Singh left for Grand Rapids, where He stayed one night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. March. That evening He gave a discourse at the Fountain Street Church. At this meeting it soon became apparent that the ever-increasing audience was going to overcrowd the hall. Recognizing this fact, the minister suggested that all should move to the main hall, which was much larger. The audience good-naturedly agreed to this and the Master addressed nearly one thousand people on the mystery of life and the method whereby one could escape the cycle of birth and death. After the meeting, many questions were asked, and these were answered by Kirpal Singh in His usual patient and loving manner.

The minister of the church, enthralled by the Master's discourse, went later to His residence in order to receive further knowledge of the science of the soul.



On His arrival in Chicago on October 30, Sant Kirpal Singh was welcomed by many disciples, some coming from California, Texas, Florida, New York, Canada, and other distant places.

After the initial press conference, a very heavy schedule was begun. Among the eminent personalities who called on Sant Kirpal Singh in order to discuss religious and spiritual matters were the following: Dr. Wendell Berwick, Director of a leading Protestant organization; Le Roy Goebel, Representative of the American Association of the United Nations; Judge Cusack of the Chicago Courts; Mr. Maitani, Indian Advisor to U.N.O.; Dr. Seijer of Temple Sholom; representatives of the Coptic Church, and many others.

Four talks, attended by a large number of people, were given at the Master's hotel. Sant Kirpal Singh made a forty-minute television appearance to the American people, expounding the teachings of spirituality and the path of the Masters.

In one day, November 3, he gave four talks in different places: the Temple Sholom at North Lake Shore Drive; the Unitarian Church at Evanston; the Theosophical Society; and the Hotel Hamilton.

The Master spoke on spirituality and the W.F.R. in a broadcast on the Phil Lind Show on the radio, and at a reception given in his honor by the National Women Leaders. The same evening, November 4, He set forth the same basic themes at the Space Club of Chicago.

The next day, at a meeting sponsored by Dr. Peri at the Northwestern University, Sant Kirpal Singh brought the notice of the assembled students to their spiritual responsibilities. "You are the future," he told them.


On November 9, 1963, Mr. Jack Holt, Sant Kirpal Singh's group leader from Galesburg, led the motorcade from Illinois to Louisville, Kentucky. Sant Kirpal Singh was greeted at the Ohio River Bridge by Mrs. M. Gordon Hughes, His representative in Louisville and the Mid-West, and Edward L. Strater, at whose home the Master and His party were to stay. Almost eighty disciples were gathered at the Strater residence, many of whom had traveled from New York and California.

The next day was Sunday and all drove to the local Unitarian Church where Sant Kirpal Singh was to give an address. Before His discourse, the Master was taken by the minister, the Reverend David Brown, to meet all the children of the congregation. The Master welcomed this idea with great pleasure. "A child is very near God," he has said. "Become as a little child and you will realize God." After his discourse, many people in the large congregation asked Sant Kirpal Singh if they could meditate with Him after the service. The Master consented to this, and for ten minutes the congregation meditated in the company of Sant Kirpal Singh.

That afternoon the sad news reached the Master's party that a member of the Ruhani Satsang group in New Albany, had been severely injured in a car accident when on his way to see Him. He was now lying in a hospital and was hardly expected to live. Kirpal Singh requested Mrs. Hughes to accompany Him to the hospital. When He arrived there, a nurse informed Him that no visitors were allowed to visit him because of his critical condition. However, the Master still proceeded to the room where he was lying as still as death. He could not speak to the Master because of his great pain, but the love and the happiness in his eyes showed that he knew who his visitor was. Sant Kirpal Singh bent forward and placed His hands lightly on his chest and asked him if this was the place where the pain was most severe. The Master patted his arm and smiled deeply into his eyes. "Now meditate," he told him, "and do not worry." The following day the news was brought to the people assembled at the Master's house that he was sitting up in bed, smiling and happy. "It is a mistake to say that we know the Master," exclaimed one of the disciples, "for who can fathom His mysterious depths?"

Sant Kirpal Singh visited the American Printing House of the Blind where He gave a talk which was reproduced on records for the blind. The Master has pointed out that the only true "blind" man is one who cannot see the reality within. Many so-called "blind" people have far greater vision than those who have the use of their physical eyes. It is the "Single Eye" within all mankind—whether they can see physically or not—which is always latent and which can only be dimmed by man's concentration on external, transient things.

The Master also gave talks at the local Y.W.C.A. and at the Henry Clay Hotel.

Sant Kirpal Singh also addressed the student body of the Transylvania University at Lexington.

After leaving the University, the Master and His party proceeded to the State Capitol at Frankfort, where the Governor bestowed the honorary rank of Kentucky Colonel upon Sant Kirpal Singh in recognition of His humanitarian service to America and the world.

Reported by members of the touring group


God knows whether I will come again or not: it is in His hands.
These are my few words. God knows whether I will come again or not: it is in His hands. But if you live up to this, you will never be left alone, and God will help you. Convey these, my words, to whomever you meet. Love one another, that's all. I think if a father sees his children in an all-loving embrace, he will be pleased – even to hear about them.

I tell you, as my Master loved me, I have loved you – for no compensation, but to do the will of my Master. I wish you would live up to what you are told to do, that's all. These words are coming out of my heart. If you just abide by them, you will progress wonderfully. God never leaves anyone alone. Christ said, "I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee until the end of the world." Bodies do leave; but that God Power working at the human pole does not leave.

So, with these best wishes I would like to depart; but my wishes will always be with you, and I will always be hearing from you. And if loving thoughts are radiated to me there, I'll simply be too pleased. If any father sees his children loving one another, I think the father is pleased. If you are obedient, so much the better; if you surrender yourself, all is yours, I tell you.

This is the greatest thing, and it starts from keeping a diary, I tell you. Don't underrate the diary; it means something. There are those of you who have no time for it; but like a hard taskmaster, don't spare yourself. If you do this, one and all, you will find change in your lives. You will see change for your own selves. This is, I think, all that I expect of you. It is in your own interest and earns my pleasure for nothing. Our Master used to say, "Don't be doing civil disobedience and lie down and let everybody carry you while loading you on cars and trucks. You should also help." That is helping the Master, too, in a way. The task becomes easier. What does He want to give you? God – I tell you honestly; but you're not ready to have It. He will give you something, but you don't appreciate it.

My best wishes have always been with you and remain with you, with God'sgrace – the God working through my Master.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Sant Kirpal Singh, Second World Tour 1963

This is a direct way. Even a child can have it; an old man can have it; a sick man can have it.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh, Second World Tour 1963
Sant Kirpal Singh, Second World Tour 1963

Now the highest aim before us is to know God. All scriptures say so. But to know God, we have to know ourself. How to know ourself?. By self analysis – by rising above body-consciousness.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh, Second World Tour 1963
Sant Kirpal Singh, Second World Tour 1963
Sant Kirpal Singh, Second World Tour 1963
Sant Kirpal Singh – Louisville, 14 November

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