Abstract from Sant Kirpal Singh's first visit to Great Britain reported by members of the touring group, issued in 1955 Sat Sandesh.

On 3 October 1955 Sant Kirpal Singh reached London at 10 a.m. From the airport Sant Kirpal Singh went straight to Sussex where He stayed during His visit in England. On the next day two times for interviews were fixed, one at 3:30 p.m. and the other at 7:30 p.m. Both the times Sant Kirpal Singh gave talks.

5 October: This morning some people from the press came to interview Sant Kirpal Singh and took some photographs. At 3 p.m. a Bishop came to see the Master and a few others. He answered many questions and explained the difference between an ecstasy feeling and actually seeing, and how prayer is done and how effective it is when we can pray in the right way – that is why even the Masters who are conscious co-workers pray to God for the good of the people under His will. Then He explained how bad can be the psychic influence and how different is the first-hand experience of the beyond and what are the conscious contacts. He gave another talk at 8 p.m. on the love of God and love of man. Various questions were answered by the Master.

6 October: Sant Kirpal Singh is today in Germany, but has to go back to Sussex, England, where He was staying at 8, Walting Road, Southwick. At 3:30 p.m. He gave a talk in the sitting room, on Karma. In the evening at 7:30 p.m. the Master gave another talk on the work of the Masters and the values of life.

7 October: Sant Kirpal Singh gave a talk on the ‘Kingdom of God’ and the ‘Inner Man’ and the 'True Life' which should be realised and lived. The evening talk at 7.30 p.m. was given as to how an initiated person ends his birth and death on this earth, after that various searching, important and intricate questions were put to the Master.

8 October: At 3 p.m. a talk was given on all Holy Scriptures.

"All seekers of the Truth and all realised souls have put down in these Holy Scriptures that the highest aim of life is to see God. If all have said that, then there is no doubt that this must be and is the highest of all aims. But to achieve this first and foremost thing is to meet a Master of this great science – a man who has realised himself and realised God. There are Masters and Masters, most of them can tell you only how to perform certain rituals and ceremonies and how to say your prayers, they can only give you what they have been able to master through the outward observations but the kingdom of God cannot be reached by these sort of observations and ceremonies, for that lies within you. The teaching of the Master of the science of the soul starts when He brings His disciple up and above the body consciousness and by opening the inner eye and the inner ear to see the light of God and to hear the sound of God. He connects him with the lowest link of light and the voice of God through which the lost soul finds his way back to the true home of his Father. He is a true Master who from the very first day initiates you to the beyond and then step by step helps you and guides you up and does not leave you till he has taken you to the true home."

Sant Kirpal Singh


9 October: At 2 p.m. the Master left for London, which is 53 miles from Sussex and gave a talk.

10 October: Just by reading about Sant Kirpal Singh through the ‘Voice’ (newspaper), people have started coming in to see Him from hundreds of miles, so Master has been busy giving interviews to those who have travelled far to see Him. This afternoon at 3 p.m. the Master gave a beautiful talk on love.

"It is written in the Bible and in all other holy books too, to ‘love thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind’, this He said could only arise when you can receive a spark of love radiated to you from somebody who is a lover of God. For the love of God we love all holy scriptures as these contain the words of wisdom given out by the God-men, certain places they visited or lived in became holy and we started worshipping them, we build temples in remembrances of them, for these temples, because of their love of God, became the holy temples of God; these temples places and books are in memory of the past Masters and hold the works of them, should have our love and respect for always, but it is of no use to be just blind fanatics and worship the valuable works of the realised souls, which are in book form, bowing in front of them but not reading them, so that you could know something of that which is the truth and then after careful study of the scriptures to adopt the ways of them who wrote them.

As all holy scriptures as you cannot take a step back to God without the help of those who know the way back, so go in search of that One who had traversed His way back to God and knows how to lead you there too. But today, unfortunately, we have placed these very holy books and places before that on whose remembrances they were made, they were set up in sweet remembrance of the Lord, but today we have completely forgotten Him and lay more value on the stone, mortar, bricks and paper made by the hand of the man, these were made to remember Him but to Him we have forgotten.

God does not reside in the temples etc. made by the hand of man, He resides in the body, the true temple of God. The main idea behind all religious ceremonies etc. was to create love in man but they are performing them as gymnastics to bring them nearer to money than God. These sort of ceremonies will lead you nowhere in your search of God."

Sant Kirpal Singh


A Rev. Stubbs, a minister of a Parish, eighty miles from Sussex, drove down with his wife and his daughter to hear Sant Kirpal Singh and many other seekers of the truth came over too. One was the representative of the President of the Vegetarian Movement of the World. Another was a representative of Swami Shiva Nanda, these two had a long interview with Sant Kirpal Singh, who explained to them how God can be realised without any imagination, presuppositions or visualization, through the most natural Sahaj Yoga.

11 October: In the afternoon at 3 p.m. talk, questions of various nature were put to the Master by the Bishop and others.

12 October: At 3 p.m. a talk was given and light thrown on many intricate questions. 8 p.m. more questions on the holy ghost, God, on ethical life, on cosmic rays and what happens to the initiate when they transcend and go up to higher plane. Master gave a beautiful talk on all these questions and clarified their doubts to their satisfaction, but Master also said that intellectual inferences, feelings and emotions are dangerous things for they are seldom right, so as seeing is considered above all, every seeker of truth should see for himself if he wants to succeed in reaching God, rather than depend on another person’s version. Blessed are they whose eyes are opened by a Master.

13 October: All day Master attended to the correspondence. In the evening He gave a farewell talk to a large gathering.

He told them, that the priceless treasure of experience they had on initiation should be safeguarded and increased day by day till they had reached back to God. He said that, chastity of not only deed but through thought and word should be kept and love for all, all anger for the ills done to you should be forgotten and forgiven, for ill feelings against people keep our soul from going upward and our attentions is expanded. If love and goodwill toward everyone and chastity of thought was adopted then they would be great helping factors to the progress on the way up and regular devotion of time and self discipline will ensure progress.

He asked each of them to live up to what they have been told and carry the message far and wide so that the seekers after Truth should again be regenerated with hope that spirituality or the Kingdom of God can be contacted within. It is no mere rigmarole but hard and true facts.

Maharaj Ji said that the awakening of the search is coming up, it can be seen in the forms of conferences and religious congresses, but they do not know where to turn to, so it was the duty of all to help others to bring them nearer the path of the Masters for until life was enthused into them there can be no cementing them to this high task they have taken up for one common cause.

Then He looked at the faces around Him so full of sorrow at the idea of bidding their Lord farewell and said that the Master Power never leaves the initiate it will always be with them, will never leave them .

14 October: Correspondence attended to nearly the whole day. Master had no talks this evening.

15 October: Today Sant Kirpal Singh leaves Sussex for London for he has to catch a plane early next morning for Berlin, Germany. The train left at 9:30 a.m.  Mr. J. Busby accompanied the Master up to London and after safely seeing Him in Grosvenor Hotel, Victoria, and taking lunch with Him, we left for Sussex with a heavy heart.

16 October: Left London by air early in the morning, landed in Berlin at 2 p.m.



Masters come to unite man to man. They have only one goal before them: to know God and let others know God - to love God and to love all humanity. That is no business proposition, I tell you!

Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh

God does not reside in temples made of stone. When I mentioned this during a talk in England, a certain bishop stood up and said, “You have thrown an atom bomb on all our churchianity.” What a natural temple is this form, with the earth under foot and the sky overhead. And yet people are so attached to outer temples, forms, and formularies. Is any outer temple purer than others? If so then where do the others stand? If the same symbols of light and sound are kept in them all, then which is the best? In truth, the best place is that in which He Himself is sitting – and that is within this physical body.

Sant Kirpal Singh


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