12 - 15 November

Sant Kirpal Singh arrived at San Francisco airport about 12:30 p.m. on 12 November. He went to the home of the local group leaders, located in the nearby town of Berkeley. Group meditation sittings and darshan were held in the First Unitarian Church, Berkeley, and the evening public talks were held at the First Unitarian Church in down-town San Francisco.

At one of the Satsangs in Berkeley, a little boy told the Master that wherever he goes, outside or inside, even in the bathroom, he sees the Master watching him. The Master told him that He loved him very much, and explained to the others present that children's minds are clear.

The evening talks at the church in San Francisco were attended by huge crowds: the church, which was very large, was filled to capacity, and people were forced to sit in the aisles and on the stage, and stand in the back.

On 15 November at 9 a.m. Master initiated 103 persons at the San Francisco Unitarian Church. That evening He left Berkeley by car for San Jose, His next stop. The drive from Berkeley to San Jose took about two hours. He was followed down by about 200 people in cars.

16 - 19 November

During the whole stay in Northern California, it had been pouring rain; and that first night Master said, "Rain! It is God's grace pouring down from Heaven." Then, surveying the jam-packed room, He said, "These halls won't suffice for us. We should sit under the canopy of Heaven. We must apply to the Lord of Rain."

A little later, someone asked if Westerners would be allowed to serve at Manav Kendra. He said, "All countries will grow together. It is we who have made the East and West. These impressions have been imbedded in our subconscious. Two kings can't stay in the same country but hundreds of lovers of God can squeeze into the same room."

Someone asked when the Iron Curtain would be lifted so that spirituality could reach the people there, and Master said, "If they have a strong yearning, God will make the arrangements. In 1958, many Russians were initiated in Germany."

A dear one asked about coming to India, and Master said, "Do you see any 'No Admittance' signs in the air? Come for meditation's sake only. You must put in six hours daily in meditation."

During His stay in San Jose, the Master gave a series of exceptionally well-attended talks at the nearby Santa Clara University. He also answered many questions in informal sessions, and conducted meditation sittings there.

In the morning of 19 November, 87 persons were given Initiation at the University campus. Later that day the Master left by plane for Los Angeles. The Master arrived at the airport at 8 p.m., and was driven to the nearby town of Anaheim, where the National Headquarters of the Master's American organization, Ruhani Satsang—Divine Science of the Soul, is located.

20 - 29 November

A former church served as a Satsang hall where few evening darshans were held there; but it was not really large enough to accommodate everybody, so the Embassy Room of the nearby Disneyland Hotel was booked for all day long throughout the ten days stay. Here the morning meditations and afternoon darshans were given, and it was available all day for meditation.

During the first week of Master's stay here, He gave a series of talks at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles. These were well attended and appreciated, and concluded with Initiation at the Theater on 24 November. During that same week, Master had spent Thanksgiving Day with His children: in the morning, He gave a beautiful Thanksgiving talk at the Disneyland Hotel.

Reported by a member of the touring group


We should be thankful for the rest of whatever days are fixed for us. That is Thanksgiving Day. We should thank God for everything. Now you have been put on the way; how will you give more thanks? By living up to it, or by leaving off?

So from this day onward, be grateful for everything. You have got something, – maybe not one hundred per cent. Maybe one per cent you have got it; but what do you do? For one thing which we have not got, we forget to be thankful for all the other things which we have is it not'? Go and ask anybody, – "Oh, this thing I have not got." But what about the others which we have? The sheep which bleats, the more morsels go out of its mouth. Be thankful for what you have got. And expect more. When you are not thankful for what you have got, for one thing only you are ungrateful to God, always complaining – "God has not given me this thing, God has not given me that thing" – does it include Thanksgiving Day? Tell me.

So whatever we get as a reaction of our past, be thankful. The greatest thing for which to be thankful is that you have got the manbody. And further, the greatest day of thanksgiving is that day when you are put on the way back to God. That is His Grace.

Sant Kirpal Singh

During Master's second week here, He gave a series of talks at the Lincoln High School, Anaheim, and concluded these with Initiation at the Disneyland Hotel.

The following day, 29 November, He left by plane for Dallas, accompanied by many disciples. Sant Kirpal Singh arrived at Love Field, Dallas, at 8:30 p.m. and was then driven to the Melrose Hotel, where He stayed for three days.

30 November - 2 December

All of the various meetings in Dallas were held at the Unitarian Church. After each morning meditation, Sant Kirpal Singh gave personal interviews on the stage and many, many people took advantage of this opportunity.

On the morning of 2 December, Master gave Initiation to 65 persons at the Unitarian Church. That afternoon, after a beautiful silent darshan at the airport, He left by plane for St. Petersburg, Florida, His next stop.

Master arrived at Tampa airport at 8:30 p.m., and was driven to St. Petersburg Beach, where He was scheduled to stay at the Sandpiper Hotel. A reporter from the St. Petersburg Independent was among the hundreds present at the airport, and she accompanied Him to the hotel; the next day, a very long, perceptive article with many pictures appeared in the paper.

3 - 5 December

Morning meditation were held at the hotel; afternoon sessions, preceded the first day by a delicious lunch served to all 400 persons present, were held at the home of the local group leader. These were wonderful times enjoyed by all, on the shore. The police, who came to check on the large number of cars parked on the streets, stayed to hear the Master's talk.

Evening talks were given at the Unitarian Church, St. Petersburg Junior College, and Eckert College. In the late evening, after the talks were over, Master would come down by the hotel swimming pool and give darshan to the dear ones.

At this session, there were a group of Spanish-speaking disciples present who knew no English (some of them had come up from South America) and Master wanted His message translated into Spanish. So one translator was found, a dear young man who was invited by the Master to come right up and sit beside Him so he could translate over the microphone. The man was so overwhelmed at being so close to the Master that he kept forgetting what Master was saying, so that Master had to repeat His message over and over again, to the edification and amusement of all.

Initiation was given on the morning of 5 December at the Sandpiper Hotel. The next morning the Master left for Miami at 6 a.m.

6 - 10 December

Sant Kirpal Singh arrived at Miami Airport at 9 a.m. on Dec. 6, and was immediately driven to Fort Lauderdale, thirty miles away, where He was to stay at the Galt Ocean Mile Hotel. At 11 a.m., He gave darshan to approximately 800 people, who had come there from all over the United States and Canada; since this was Master's last stop in North America, everyone wanted to see Him one final time.

At this first darshan, the local disciples of Sant Kirpal Singh had prepared a huge cake for Him, which they wanted Him to give out as parshad. The Master authorized its distribution, but said that He did not like ceremonies or rituals.

During the stay at Miami, many meetings were held right at the Hotel; others were held at the Stranahan High School, and the Unity Center in Miami. This last place was filled to capacity, and again the overflow crowd was allowed by the management to sit on the floor in the aisles. About 1300 people attended.

Reported by a member of the touring group


Unless a man rises above the life of senses, the inner Way is not open. It is you who have to see. That is why it is said, "Know thyself O Man, know thyself – who you are, what you are." What are we? Conscious entities. We have got attention. When the attention is diverted from outside and concentrated to our own Self, there you see the Light. Very simple. Do you see the common sense point of what is being put before you? He says further, why do we not see Him? Because of the ramification of the mind. Ripples are going on in the subconscious reservoir of our mind. Until those ripples stand still, you cannot see Him. It is something like a pond covered with weeds. If you take out the weeds little by little every day, you can look in the water and see your face. And what are those weeds? Your body; body is the beginning of all delusion.

We are having the body, and we are working at the level of the body. Body is changing every minute of life, being made of matter. All the world around is changing, since it is also made of matter, at the same speed at which our body is changing. As we are identified with it, this is an optical illusion; it appears to be stationary.

How can we come out of that? This is the demonstration which is given by the Master. If you are identified with the mind, outgoing faculties, and intellect, and you have recourse to the methods or practices which are concerned with those things, how can you rise above them? So rise above body consciousness; this is given out by all Masters. "Learn to die so that you may begin to live." Be reborn; be twice born. To withdraw your attention from outside and the body below, come to the seat of the soul in the body; this is called meditation. And meditation is the way back to God which can be had only in the human body, and in no other. All gods and goddesses hanker to have the human body, for this reason. So Kabir says, "O Man, why do you boast that you are the highest if you have not known God?" Your greatness lies only in the fact that you can see God. If you have not seen Him, how can you say anything?

Sant Kirpal Singh

At Birch State Park, not far from the hotel. Master gave a meditation sitting in the morning, and then gave darshan in the afternoon, at the park.

On the morning of 10 December, His last day in North America, Master initiated 91 persons. Afterwards He gave a short talk, stressing the need to live up to His commandments and make progress within.

That afternoon He was driven to Miami airport, and, after a very poignant silent darshan in the airport lobby, with hundreds of disciples gathered round Him, the Master boarded the plane for Mexico City. The North American tour had ended.

Reported by a member of the touring group


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