World Peace Conference

The second session of the Conference – the World Peace Conference – was inaugurated in the morning of 4 February, by the Defence Minister Sri Jagjivan Ram. Afterwards Sant Kirpal Singh, Sponsor-President of  World Conference on Unity of Man said:

This is a gathering for peace and we have here heads of many religious formations and our worthy defence minister, to think out ways of peace. After the speech of the defence minister there is not much left to say on the subject. I have only this to say that God made man the roof and crown of all creation. Next to God is man, the scriptures proclaim:

Sarb joon teri panhari, Sarb mein teri Sikdari. (Gurbani)
'O man, thou art the highest in all creation, the whole world is created for thy service.'

But first he has to become in the true sense of the world. We are all born the same way, endowed with the same privileges from God and have the same inner and outer construction. Man is, however, a composite being, a conscious entity, having a body.

What is the meaning of man? One who is overflowing with love and compassion; who knows himself and knows God. He loves God and since God resides in all hearts he loves all creation. God is love, and man, who is of the same essence as God is an embodiment of love. One who gives out the Godly radiation of love may truly be called a man. The outer labels of the various formations that we are carrying are all right. The real purpose of all formations or social bodies is to turn out perfect men who as man-body should reflect the glory of man and as soul, the indweller of the body, the glory of God. He should realise his true self of being God plus man i.e. Godman and as such be an embodiment of love. And love knows service and sacrifice, so he should think of the good of others and not of his own interest.

So the ideal of manhood is that he should be a brother unto all creation. He should earn his livelihood by honest toil and share with others. If we have such Pak (pure) people in large numbers the world will become Pakistan (i.e. the land of the pure) and if we have a preponderance of khalis (pure) people the world would become Khalistan (i.e. the land of Khalsaor the pure) and they may bring the Kingdom of God on earth.That country is good which has a larger number of such people. So man should live for others. He who will not let his brother man go hungry or naked thereby ensures his own fulfilment for God who resides in all hearts will surely provide for him.

The teaching of the Masters is given out both directly and indirectly, i.e. though parables. There is a beautiful parable in the puramas that God invited both the Devtas or angels and the Danvas or demons to dinner. When the food served God said, "You are welcome to enjoy the food subject to the condition that while eating you may not bend your hands." Now the Danvas who were slow witted and prone to act without reflection said, "God has insulted us, for how can one take food without bending his hands?" And they walked out in protest. But the Devats pondered over it for the suggestion had come from God and there must be some reason for it. After some time they understood the purpose behind the seemingly strange condition and started to feed each other and in this way all were fed without bending their hands. Kabir stresses the same point. He says, "So long as you live in the man-body give, give, give. When you leave the body who will come to you to ask for anything?"

It is a blessing to be born in a social formation but the real purpose of joining a social formation was to rise above it into universality. If you do not achieve this purpose it is no use merely carrying the label of one or the other formation. The celebrated poet Iqbal (Sir Muhammed Iqbal) says in a couplet that Moses went to Mount Sinai in search of God. Did he not know that God was himself searching for man? (i.e. a perfect man). All mankind is one. They should all be good and be one. Live and let live should be their motto."


Panel Conferences

In the afternoon the Conference split up into four Panel Conferences or seminars, in which different aspects of the idea of the unity of man were examined in depth. The four panels were as follows:

1. Unity of Man - One world
2. Current world problems affecting the unity of man
3. World harmony
4. The essential unity of all religions


The path of oneness: remark by Sant Kirpal Singh
Dear brothers and sisters,

I have to say a few words on inner concentration and connect­ed thoughts. To achieve eternal unity one must be able to get self-consciousness and try to recognize that Great Power who is controlling the world. You all know man's body is one and we believe that it consists of five elements and there is a Power behind it who is controlling all this system; so we must try to understand this truth and have the reflection of the Divine which is man.

Of course, you all know that to get any fruit some labour is re­quired and to be self-conscious we must struggle until we get it. We have before us many examples of our ancient leaders like Guru Gobind Singh Ji, and most of us are following their path; some of us have achieved something in this line. It is very difficult for narrow-minded people to adopt this path and to meet each other. We must exercise in the right direction.

The present urge for unity is a call for self-consciousness, and we must be eager to achieve it and share our good efforts to achieve it. I stress that we must go ahead on the path of one­ness of man which is the real path of God, and whatever dif­ferences come in our way must be removed in a coordinated manner. If you have faith in Him you can change your fate, as well as others' fates. My best wishes are there and I hope you will come to this conclusion. Thank you.


Conference on Unity of Religions

The third session started at Ramlila grounds  in the evening and Dr Karan Singh, the Minister of Health, opened the Panel Conference on Unity of Religions. The Conference was attended by heads of religious formations, social organisations and leaders of public opinion. Sant Kirpal Singh closed the Panel Conference with the following words:

You have been listening to the wise men these two days expounding to you the true purpose of life. Some of you may have listened with one ear and let out with the other, retaining nothing inside. Some others may have memorised what they heard to talk to others. This will not do. The true benefit of listening is that you digest it and then act up to it. Lord Krishna explained to Arjuna the various aspects of religion that fill the 18 Chapters of Gita and even manifested his Virat Swaroopa (the all pervading form of Kal or Negative Power) before him and in the end what did he say? 'O Arjuna, did you hear?' These three words have great significance. "Did you hear?" If you did, how far has it dispelled your doubts and delusions?

The real benefit of listening is to the extent it becomes of your life and let you act up to it. All mankind is one. We have to translate it into action that we are all one. Remain in your own formations and retain your distinctive labels and badges. These only indicate the particular school one has joined to know oneself and to know God. Masters come from time to time and give us right understanding. We have been studying their teachings and enquiring about the Godway. What we lacked was action.

Why ask the way when you do not take to the path?
How can you reach the home of the beloved by mere talk?

A spoon may move in a pot of pudding from morning to evening but it cannot enjoy the sweet taste of the pudding. The taste can be enjoyed only when you eat it. We are fortunate to have this great gathering here of enlightened men by the grace of God and it is He who speaks through them in diverse ways for our instruction and guidance. Now ask yourself what have you understood and to what extent your doubts and delusions have been dispelled? At least know this that we all are one. There is no difference between man and man. All have the same immortal soul-essence and pray to the same God by different names. All men are born equal–no high, no low. Who among men is the highest?

The lowest of the lowly, the Chandala is the highest, when he has realised God in his heart.

He who has realised God in the man-body is the highest of all men. The Masters come from time to time. They come and make men see who do not see. They open the Inner Eye – variously called the Single Eye, the Third Eye, Shiv Netra, etc. So you ponder over all that you have heard during these two days and decide for yourself – what you have understood and how you are going to follow it up in action?

You have my best wishes. May the grace of God be with you. If we were to digest what we have heard and act upto it there would be peace and happiness on earth.

Sant Kirpal Singh greets the Defence Minister Shri Jagjiwan Ram, 4 February, 1974
Swami Ved Vyasanand, Sant Kirpal Singh and Nichidatsu Fuji, 4 February, 1974

There is a general awakening today in every direction. People are so unhappy, may God grant them peace and happiness. The way to that is to seek the company of awakened men.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh, Panel Conference, 4 February, 1974
Dr Angelo Fernandes, Roman Catholic Archbishop, welcomes Sant Kirpal Singh to the Panel Conference on Religious Unity, 4 February, 1974
Sant Kirpal Singh, Conference on Unity of Religions, 4 February, 1974

So please – ­there is no ­need of chang­ing your re­lig­ions or so­cial bod­ies, ­but it is ­most
nec­es­sary ­that ­you fol­low ­the teach­ings
of those re­lig­ions, that is ­all.

Sant Kirpal Singh

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