Masters are the symbols of all virtues, they are the symbols of truthfulness, simplicity and humility. When they come in the world, their purpose is to prove the truth as early as possible. Right from the beginning of their life, they start giving out the glimpses of the place they are sent from. Many ­were benefited – even ­when Sant Kirpal Singh ­was a ­child, be­cause ­His ­soul ­was de­vel­oped. In re­al­ity ­such ­Saints ­are ­sent, ­they ­are ­not de­vel­oped in ­the ­world, ­and ­their pur­pose is on­ly to ­come ­and de­vel­op oth­ers.

Harbhajan Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh was born in the spring season, on February 6, 1894. He was coloured in His (God's) colour and this colour He gave to all.

When He started to give out the teaching in the world, He first told His father, "All religions belong to me and I belong to all religions." When He came forward with His highest knowledge, then everywhere there was peace in all outer religions. He started to give the message to all: "Come above everything. Have such a religion, come in such a condition, where all souls can get together in the end."

Biji Surinder Kaur

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