Immediately Master's body was taken to the Ashram and laid on a wooden table in the veranda. Many people, specially those who were very close to the Master, asked me one after another what Master had told about His further Mission. Hearing that, I was nonplussed and thought how they could ask me such questions at this moment. I did not believe that Master had left us. I thought, "It is our test. Master will come back in the body. Why was Master not brought into His room?" Such thoughts prevailed in me. I started to be stonelike and I saw that the Masterpower helped me to remain in senses.

Then at once I realized, "If Master does not  come back, how would I show my face to the world?" But those persons went on asking me, whereas I felt that the life was withdrawing from me, and I was unable to stand on my legs. At once I sat down and hid myself under the table where Master's body was lying. No one could find me there. There I was sitting. Sometimes I was feeling that I was going away from my body as if I were dying. But I could not die.
Thousands of people from all Centres of India gathered. Preparations for the cremation were made in the land already acquired by the Master at the Pambari-Road. This decision was taken according to the wish of the Master.

It was night when the body of the Master was burning in the fire. The tape of the Master was running. Tired and uneasy the Sangat slept there at the Pambari-Road all around the cremation place.

In that night Master appeared to three, four brothers and sisters, caught hold of their arms and told them, "I am not dead, you are dead."


My children are scattered all over the world

Before His physical departure Master finished all affairs which were still pending. Where He had given a promise, He even wrote letters to cancel. He also told that He would not be able to make a fourth world tour.

In Amritsar He had given two promises: One was to visit a village, Jagdev Kumd, the other one was to help for the installation of a college in the village Mahal Jandiala. He told me to convey them that He would not be able to do that.

One task He left to be completed by His children – the future Manav Kendra.

On 29 July, 1974, on the last initiation, Master initiated more than one thousand people. Master asked to record a tape during the initiation. This was the first time when Master allowed His top secret work to be recorded. Later on Master said that this was one work which was pending and was done now.

One time, when Master had gone for a Satsang programme in Kalka, near Chandigarh, His talk was being played. Master said, "You are very fortunate that you are hearing the tape of your Master. If I ever had the words of my Master on tape with me, I would never have given initiation from my tongue. The charged names (shabdas) differ, though the Naam is only one; as it comes through five planes, it differs and is spoken five-worded. But the voice of the Master does not change in all the planes." Master said, "It was the first time that the charged names of a competent Master were taped."

When Master was in Willington Hospital on 20 August, 1974 He told me that He had to initiate three persons urgently. He told me that He had the tape of initiation recorded and said, "When they come and require for initiation, you can give the initiation by using this tape."

According to Master's instruction the initiation was given to the aspirants in Amritsar. Two of them had come to the Ashram, one after another, the third person came after some time. All were blessed with the experience of Light and Sound. In course of time – according to Master's words – Amritsar became the headquarter.

After the physical departure of the Master I had been in Delhi for three years and expressed all those things about Master's further Mission. Very few people believed in the beginning, but one little boy came to my rescue. He came along with his parents. This boy saw Master with his own eyes. He said, "Father, have you seen? Master had a very beautiful pen in His hand; it was shining like gold and the paper He had was also like gold. He was writing the names of all persons present in the Satsang."

They believed a child, not the teaching of the Master. Where Satsang is held in His name, the Masterpower comes there.

Harbhajan Singh


Sant Kirpal Singh, August 1974
Sant Kirpal Singh, 1974

When Mas­ter ­left ­the ­body
He ­was press­ing His ­thumb
with­in ­the fin­gers, quite ­many a times.
I ­asked, “Mas­ter, ­what ­are ­You do­ing?”
He ­said, “Af­ter me do re­main ­like ­this,
Keep­ing ­the Mas­ter with­in.
­You ­all ­sit togeth­er.
Be love­a­ble to ­each oth­er.
Keep ­the Mas­ter with­in ­you.”

Harbhajan Singh


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