10 - 13 December

On 10 December, 1972, Sant Kirpal Singh arrived at Mexico City at 9:30 p.m. He was greeted at the airport by a large, loving, very respectful and well-behaved crowd of disciples and seekers, who were overjoyed to see Him. Many of them followed Sant Kirpal Singh to the Continental Hilton Hotel, where He stayed during the four days here.

All of the meetings and public talks, were held at this hotel. Among the many many people who came to see the Sant Kirpal Singh during His visit to Mexico City were the leader of the Jewish community, who discussed many issues with Him; two separate television teams, who took movies to be shown later.

Reported by a member of the touring group

In one of the television interview on 11 December the following question was put to Sant Kirpal Singh: One thing we would like to know very much, Master, is: What can one understand – what is the meaning of "Science of the soul"?

Science of the soul is God's work. ... The other day in my talk, I said, there should be no revolution of the body: not of the body, but of the evil propensities of the mind which takes men away from God. There should be a spiritual revelation, and that is going on. So awakening is going on all around: in the East and the West. That means the Golden Age is arising from the Iron Age. And the science of soul is for that.

Sant Kirpal Singh


14 - 18 December

On 14 December, after a farewell talk at the Hotel, preparations were made for departure, with Sant Kirpal Singh leaving Mexico at 2:30 p.m. After a stopover and change of plane at Guatemala City, Master and His party arrived in Panama at 8:30 p.m. where they were greeted by the local representative and other leaders, who had arranged a bus specially for the large number of disciples travelling with the Master.

Everyone was taken to the El Panama Hotel, where lectures and heart-to-heart talks were held throughout the stay here. The Master also spoke at the Newspaper Building Auditorium, Panama City, and gave a talk in Hindi at Colon, where a large number of Indians were assembled. While Master was here, arrangements were made for a Spanish-speaking Satsang to be established, making a total of four Satsangs in this area.

On 18 December, at 11:20 a.m., Sant Kirpal Singh left Panama for Quito, Ecuador, His first stop in South America. He arrived in Quito at 1 p.m., to a wildly enthusiastic greeting from about 500 disciples at the airport. Sant Kirpal Singh was taken to the Colon Hotel, where accommodations had been provided for Him. All of the meetings of all types were held right at the Hotel.


19 – 24 December

During His stay in Quito, Sant Kirpal Singh had many interviews, including one with a leading spiritualist of the area; magazine reporters; and local disciples, including those from Quito and those from outlying areas. Among the disciples who came to see Him on this, His first South American stop, were a bus-load of disciples from Cuenca, who had hired a bus and driven all night to arrive on time, and then turned the bus over for the convenience of the 35 disciples who had flown in on the same plane with the Master; six disciples from Guayaquil; five from Lima, Peru; and a delegation from Cochabamba, Bolivia, including the Bolivian Representative. Due to the extreme distance involved, it was not possible for the Brazilian disciples to come; but they got together and sent one dear one from Sao Paulo to represent them at Master's Feet. There were also seven disciples from Colombia, where Master was going next; but they could not wait until He got there.

On 21 December Sant Kirpal Singh left Quito for Bogota, Colombia, and reached Bogota at 4:15 p.m. He was met by several hundred eager disciples at the airport. He was lodged at the home of a disciple.

Two blocks away from the home where Sant Kirpal Singh was accommodated, a Catholic school opened their auditorium for the Master's use in the mornings. Evening talks were held at a theater in downtown Bogota, which was obtained due to the efforts of both of the local group leaders.

Sant Kirpal Singh left for Cali, Colombia, on 24 December. Eighty-six disciples flew from Bogota to Cali with Sant Kirpal Singh.


25 - 26 December

Sant Kirpal Singh and His party were greeted at the airport by another huge crowd. Master was taken to the Tetecuy Hotel, where He was to stay.

On the way to the hotel, the caravan was forced to stop due to a car accident on the side of the road. It developed that the car belonged to a lady, who, with her children, had been hurrying to see Sant Kirpal Singh when the car overturned, throwing her and her children out of the car. Although the car was totally destroyed, they received only a few cuts and bruises; and all the mother wanted was the Master's blessing. So the family was picked up in various cars of the caravan, and the mother was taken directly to the Master, who received her in His room and consoled her. She said that she knew all the time there would be no real injury, because the Master was protecting her.

The talks in Cali were given twice a day, at noon and in the evening, at the Consejo Municipal Building. On Christmas Day, Sant Kirpal Singh gave a beautiful Christmas talk.

Reported by a member of the touring group


27 - 28 December

On 27 December, at 8 a.m., Sant Kirpal Singh gave His farewell message to the Colombians and the whole Western world  at the Consejo Municipal Building.

I am very gratified to have been able to spend these three days here with you, and to celebrate Christmas with you all. This is my last station in South America, and I can only say that we should all work together in order to truly celebrate Christ's teachings. He gave out that there is always water for the thirsty. This is the true spirituality, in which there is no ritual, no ceremony. This science is the same as taught by Jesus in his time, and all Masters of the past. Those who came to them were given direct experience. ...

We are all children of God. We were sometime in our homes, but ever since we separated from God, we have not been able to go back. So truly speaking, we are exiles from our homes. This man body is the highest in all creation, and is the golden opportunity afforded us to go back home. Here all relations have been brought together by the reactions of the past, to pay off your debts, so you can go back home. So you are fortunate you have been put on the way. The direct way back to God is through the Light and the Sound Principle, the Surat Shabd Yoga, the Yoga of the Attention which is the highest of all yogas.

Remember that you are in exile. Now the only thing that remains is that you would like to go back home, not to go around and around again and again; so, sow no fresh seeds. Whatever has been already sown should be reaped and paid off; and then all of you have your way back home which you have been put on.

The only thing required now is sincerity. Do you want to go home or not? This is the turning point, if you would like to go back home.

You have got your plane on which you have been given a seat. Now you fly on, on the wings of Light and Sound Current, to go back direct to your homes. There are 24 hours of the day and night: put in as much time as you can to rise above body consciousness and be in contact with the Light and Sound Principles within you.

So your attention should be just like a compass. The needle of your attention should always be directed to the North, to the Master. Then naturally in all your doings you will not be attached. So now, these are my very last words. I am leaving you physically, but not spiritually. That power is with you all along, only you have just to turn your face inside. Find some time out of the 24 hours.

(Extract) Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh flew to Caracas, Venezuela, His last stop in the Western Hemisphere. About a dozen disciples accompanied Him here, and three dear souls from the island of Grenada in the West Indies – two disciples and one seeker desiring initiation – seized the opportunity to have His darshan at last. Master was here only a short time.

During His stay, Master placed a long distance telephone call to California to say a last goodbye. On the evening of 28 December, after saying goodbye to all the dear ones with him, Sant Kirpal Singh left the Western Hemisphere and flew non-stop to Rome, Italy, en route to Delhi.


29 December - 2 January

The stop in Rome, Italy, was originally conceived as a rest stop to break up His long flight home. But Sant Kirpal Singh gave directions otherwise, and two more public talks were given. Disciples travelled from all over Europe – Germany, France, Austria, England, Greece, Malta, and Northern Italy – just to have a final few hours with Him.

Reported by a member of the touring group


So ­now, ­these ­are my ­very ­last ­words. I am leav­ing ­you phys­i­cal­ly, ­but ­not spir­i­tu­al­ly. ­That Pow­er is ­with ­you ­all ­along, on­ly ­you ­have ­just to ­turn ­your ­face in­side.

So ­East ­and ­West, Co­lom­bia or ­the Unit­ed ­States or Can­a­da or In­dia or Eu­rope, ­that ­means noth­ing; we ­are ­all ­world cit­i­zens. We ­are ­all in ex­ile, ­wherever we ­are, ­you ­see? ­You ­know, ­when ­you ­are in ex­ile or in pris­on, ­those pris­on­ers ­love ­one an­other, is it ­not so? So we ­should ­love ­one an­other ­while ­here ­and ­try to ­help ­each oth­er to go ­back ­home, ­that’s ­all. ­That Pow­er is ­with ­you; if ­you ­just ­turn ­your ­face to ­Him, He ­will ­come for­ward to re­ceive ­you – hun­dreds of ­steps, if ­you ­take ­one ­step.

So ­I’m ­glad ­that I ­have ­been ­here ­and ­have ­gone ­all ­through ­the ­tour, ­and we ­will al­so ­have a ­boost ­with ­the ­love ­which we ­have al­ready ­got in­nate with­in our­selves; ­that ­has ­now giv­en us a lit­tle ­way up, ­and ­all of ­you ­have ­been ­drenched ­with ­that ­flow of ­love with­in ­you. So it is ­all ­God’s ­grace ­that ­you ­have ­had it. ­And we ­may ex­pect ­more – ­that is, ­those ­who ­have noth­ing ­else be­tween ­them ­and ­God.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Sant Kirpal Singh's final arrival back in Delhi was delayed about 16 hours; but the thousands of disciples at Sawan Ashram waited patiently until, at long last, Sant Kirpal Singh arrived at Sawan Ashram 8:30 p.m. on 2 January, 1973. The Master's Third World Tour was over.

Sant Kirpal Singh

There is no question of East or West. We are all children of God, born in the same way, with the same privileges from God.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant-Kirpal-Singh-Panama, 1972
Sant Kirpal Singh at an airport in South America, 1972
Sant-Kirpal-Singh, 1972
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I have been quite at home, I would say, among my own brothers and sisters; my own children.

Sant Kirpal Singh

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