Whenever people praised Him, Sant Kirpal Singh always said, "No, this is not my work, it is the work of my Master." If somebody asked Him to give him His Grace, to help him to come out of his problems, Master always said, "Hazur will bless you!" Even if people asked ten times, twenty times, Master's answer was always, "He will bless you, don’t worry!" Sometimes some non-initiate or some religious persons came to Him. They also wanted to praise Him and wanted to bow down before Him, but Master bowed down before them.

So He was the loving friend of everyone. He who saw Him liked Him. He was the friend of the poor and destitute. He was the pride of many, many who could understand Him, who could love Him.

For those who could understand Him, He did everything. Not only one or two times, He always helped them, out of love – the matter that is finished out of love, is settled for ever.

Harbhajan Singh

Dr Harbhajan Singh – "Master always said, "Hazur will bless you"
MP3: Satsang in Punjabi – Sant Kirpal Singh

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