Four public talks were given in Philadelphia.

On September 30, Sant Kirpal Singh appeared on the "Talk of Philadelphia" radio show. The show consisted of an hour period of interview, commentary, and questions and answers. Mr. Ed Harvey, the commentator of the show, proved an extremely astute interviewer and by his skillful questions presented a wonderful picture of Sant Kirpal Singh's mission in the world. Questions were asked by telephone from many people who were listening to the program, all of which He answered to their evident satisfaction.

Sant Kirpal Singh visited the Hebrew Home for the Aged in Philadelphia. Mr. Lehman, one of the directors of the Home, took the Master and His party on a brief tour of the Home and gave a resume of the facilities, conditions, expenses and care involved in operating the Home. Kirpal Singh gave a message of love and fellowship to all connected with the Home.

The Master interviewed many people, advising on spiritual matters and personal problems, during His stay in Philadelphia. On the several occasions that the Master would travel from place to place, the State police provided a special escort.

Sant Kirpal Singh left for New York City on October 1.

New York

Benedict Ringel, group leader of Ruhani Satsang in New York City, had arranged eight public talks in the city and its environs. Four of these, given at the Steinway Concert Hall, were full to overflowing, and the management of the hall was constantly concerned with the number of people who kept coming into the building. Another talk was given at the Community Church, and three talks were given at a hall in Brooklyn.

Sant Kirpal Singh was invited to speak on the Glen Gray radio program while in New York. His talk, lasting nearly an hour, was relayed throughout the State by many stations.

Archbishop Andrey, Primate of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and a vice-President of the World Fellowship of Religions, was in residence in New York City during the time of Sant Kirpal Singh's visit. He sent word to the Master that he was indisposed and apologized for not calling on Him. Sant Kirpal Singh went immediately to the home of the Archbishop, and the two religious leaders enjoyed a happy reunion. In spite of his indisposition, the Archbishop attended one of the public discourses given by the Master.

On October 8, 1963, Kirpal Singh left New York for Boston, Massachusetts.



He stayed in Boston for four days, and His very busy schedule included an official reception by Governor Peabody and Lieutenant-Governor McLaughlin at the State House. Governor Peabody escorted Sant Kirpal Singh and Baron W. F. von Blomberg to the Council House where they were introduced to the members of the House. The Master and Baron von Blomberg also had a fruitful discussion with his Eminence, Monsignor Sikora, Archbishop of the Polish Catholic Church. They also visited the Mayor of Boston at the City Hall; and attended a meeting of the Boston Rotary Club where all members assembled to honor Sant Kirpal Singh.

Receptions for the co-presidents of the World Fellowship of Religions were given by Dr. Langois, Director of Asian Studies, at Boston College, and by the Zionist Movement, at which about one hundred people – including eminent scientists and leading University scholars – attended. Profound interest in the mission of Sant Kirpal Singh was demonstrated, and the most recondite questions were answered, simply and directly, by Sant Kirpal Singh. The Master gave talks at the Beacon Street Church, Brookline, and at the Church of the Covenant in Boston.

He received many visitors during His stay at the home of Mrs. Prendergast. Among them was the Honorable Gabriel Piemont who discussed the future plans of the World Fellowship of Religions with Sant Kirpal Singh. The Master gave interviews to the Daily Stem-North Shore newspapers, visited the offices of the "Christian Science Monitor," and attended a musical recital and tea given at the home of a Boston socialite.

Reported by members of the touring group


People of all religions invite me; they love me, and I love them. Perhaps their love is reciprocal or my love is reciprocal, I don’t know. But they do love me, and I love them. When I go to them, I see I am at home, because they also stand for the very same Truth. But while standing for this Truth, they have gotten into formations– watertight compartments. Sometimes, in the zealousness of being in that watertight compartment, they unfortunately establish divisions. But I take them from the viewpoint of the religion that is above all religions. The word ‘religion’ purely means: re means ‘back’; and ligio, ‘to bind’– ‘to bind back our souls to God.’ This religion is above all other religions, which are meant to lead us to this very high religion. We are already one; but unfortunately we have forgotten this. We are worshippers of Truth; we are to bring out the very Truth that has already been given. The pity is that people have forgotten it, that is all. When I go to them, they claim me as their own. And first, I claim them as my own. That is how it is.

Sant Kirpal Singh


New Hampshire

Sant Kirpal Singh drove to the State of New Hampshire and arrived at Sant Bani Farm, for the town of Franklin, on October 11.

First, the Guru works like a teacher. He shows sympathy, and even allows tears to flow from His eyes for you – sometimes He rebukes, and sometimes He shows love. In fact, He does everything. Then He says, "I'm not the body, neither are you; come, let us go up." He does everything to teach the disciple to break his outer attachments and concentrate within; He has no other motive. He has no desire for people's love. His own love is connected with God and His Guru; there is no place for anyone else.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Sant Kirpal Singh was received by Baron W. F. von Blomberg at in Hampton, New Hampshire, on October 13. At the request of Reverend Booth, Kirpal Singh gave an address on the theme of "Man, Know Thyself!" at Exeter Congregational Church that evening.

The next day an official reception was accorded Sant Kirpal Singh and His party by Governor King of New Hampshire. Governor King introduced the Master to each Member of the State House where the reception took place.

Sant Kirpal Singh and His party were warmly welcomed by the Countess de Bninski at her residence, Wentworth Castle, Jackson, on October 15. The previous night, at a reception given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Longee at Hampton, Sant Kirpal Singh had given a global picture of the work and purpose of the World Fellowship of Religions. At Wentworth Castle, before a deeply interested audience of friends and acquaintances of the Countess, He expanded upon this theme. Later that evening He gave a discourse on spirituality at the local church.

On October 20,  Sant Kirpal Singh arrived in Rochester, New York.
There He gave three talks upon the science of the soul in the huge hall of the Powers Hotel in Rochester.

Reported by members of the touring group


Sant Kirpal Singh

"Talk of Philadelphia" radio show, in Philadelphia, 30 September, 1963
Radio Interview in New York City, 3 October, 1963

Sant Kirpal Singh – "Third Eye or Single Eye

Sant Kirpal Singh

Talk at Jesuit School, Boston, 7 October
Talk at Second Church Boston, 9 October
Kirpal Singh – "People of all religions invite me"

Sant Kirpal Singh
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