19 September

The plane reached Dulles Airport in Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C., at about 3 p.m. on 19 September.

Almost a thousand dear ones who had come from all over the United States and Canada were waiting to have a glimpse of Sant Kirpal Singh. For the vast majority, it was the first time they had ever seen Him.

Immediately on arrival at the residence of Mr. Khanna, where He stayed for the first thirteen days of His stay in America, people started coming in to have darshan and talk with Him. He very lovingly met with each one who came, and asked about their welfare – both spiritual and mundane. That evening, Sant Kirpal Singh addressed a very large gathering of about a thousand persons, packed in to the big Vienna Community Centre, Vienna.

20 - 21 September

The following morning, on 20 September, all of the group leaders present met with Sant Kirpal Singh in an adjoining hall, regarding arrangements for the tour.

That afternoon the Master again answered questions at the American Legion Hall, and that evening He gave a discourse at the American University, Washington, D. C., which was attended by many students. The large lecture hall at the University was full to capacity, and many people sat on the floor in front and in the aisles, and others stood in the rear, as all the seats were taken.

22 - 23 September

Sant Kirpal Singh was interviewed on television on the morning of 22 September for about twenty minutes. He was asked how peace in the world could be brought about, and replied that it was possible if we rise above isms and if the kings, presidents, and governments rise above their countries and have sympathy with all mankind. The program was in colour, and the sight of the Master sitting on the dais as the camera moved in was beautiful indeed, and appreciated by the disciples watching in their motel rooms or at the American Legion Hall. That afternoon Master gave a talk at the Legion Hall at 7 p.m., and immediately afterwards left by car for Bowling Green.

Two disciples had requested Master to bless their farm with His presence for a night and a day, and He graciously agreed. He was followed by crowds and crowds of peoples– about 80 cars followed Him down that night, and many more arrived in the morning.

At 11 a.m., Sant Kirpal Singh gave a short talk and then talked individually with anyone who wanted to come and see Him.

24 - 25 September

The following afternoon, Sunday, Sant Kirpal Singh spoke at the Sylvan Theatre, a beautiful outdoor amphitheatre at the base of the Washington Monument. At the conclusion of the talk, He conducted a series of private interviews on the stage. Many of the dear ones had their first opportunity to speak to Him and were overjoyed.

The next day, Sant Kirpal Singh gave an unforgettable talk at the American Legion Hall, Fairfax at 4 p.m.

Reported by a member of the touring group


He who has got love has got love for all. They wish good for all. Guru Nanak said, Peace be unto all the world over, under Thy will, 0 Lord. We want peace? This is the question put to me the other day on television. How can we have peace? As long as we are stuck to our own selves, to our families, to our isms – unless we rise above all these, how can we have peace? So if you love God and, no matter what labels you are wearing, you rise above them and become a man with the Light of God within you, then will you love everybody or not? There will be peace. We don't have peace because we are first congealed to our own physical bodies, then to our own families, then to our own societies, then to our own countries. So unless people rise above these isms – and all countries, I would also say – there can be no peace.

Love and all things shall be added unto you. Our homes, society, everything shall be happy. Because we are man, we must turn to man, you see. All "isms" are schools of thought which man has joined to become perfect man. Man is perfect in essence, but he has to realize that. And this is what the Masters do. They do a great service, I tell you. Those who are awakened, they do. And they don't ask anyone to remove their labels, you see. They say, it's all right, remain where you are, that is the first step we have to take. We are social beings and we must have social bodies to live in. But which school is better? A school may have very high halls, magnificent playgrounds, beautifully dressed students – but if no student comes out successful? All these social religions are meant to turn out perfect men.

Sant Kirpal Singh

26 September

Sant Kirpal Singh gave a talk at the Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare at 12 noon. This was specially for the workers there, and was done at their invitation.

At the conclusion of the talk at George Washington University that same evening, a questioner said that observance of chastity was impossible. The Master said that there is nothing impossible; where there is a will there is a way. He said that chastity gives inner strength to the individual, and quoted Mahatma Gandhi as saying that had he known the value of chastity earlier, and observed it, he would have got immense benefit earlier.

27 September

The next morning, at the Legion Hall, Sant Kirpal Singh gave a brief talk on the outer aspect of His work in the West. That evening He spoke at Howard University in Washington, D.C., where He was welcomed by Dr. Gandy, head of the School of Religion, and gave a discourse to a packed hall. After the talk, He was interviewed by a reporter for the Washington Post.

1 October

This day was the Master's last day in Virginia. That afternoon there was no program scheduled, but many people came individually and in small groups to see Him one last time before He left. Many of them assembled on the lawn in front of the house, and Master came out and gave darshan.

Reported by a member of the touring group

So dear brothers and sisters – I will address you like that now. We are all brothers and sisters. What I have told you from the heart of my heart, take to your heart and live up to it. You will have constant protection and all help, without asking for it. Mother looks after the child, tries to bring him up. So you are all dear to me – words cannot express how dear you are. This is what I want: I hope now you will do your best, try your best, but leave the word try – do it! You will see change from day to day. Nobody else should testify, you should testify. True living is above truth. That is what is wanted. God does not look to the labels you are carrying. Whoever is honest, whoever has true living, he is near to Him. Whoever has all love for Him is the most dear. All are dear to Him, but he is the most dear.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Many disciples were also present at the National Airport in Washington, as Sant Kirpal Singh prepared to board the 9 p.m. flight to Charlotte, North Carolina, His next stop. Master consoled each of the dear ones individually before He left.

Those first thirteen days were a really magic time for the dear ones, many of whom had come from a great distance and undergone considerable difficulty in order to be there. The Master was very pleased to see His dear children, and gave abundantly of Himself for their sake. Afternoon heart-to-heart talks were held daily at the American Legion Hall in Fairfax; evening lectures were given at George Mason University, Fairfax; George Washington University, Howard University, and the All Souls' Unitarian Church, Washington; and Oakton High School, Oakton, Va. In addition, Master saw many dear ones individually and in small groups, sometimes after the talks, sometimes at Mr. Khanna's house, where indeed He was up to 1 a.m. most nights, dealing with the difficulties of His children.

Reported by a member of the touring group




Manbody is the highest in all creation. In this manbody, the ultimate goal is to have a beatific vision of God. That's all.

Sant Kirpal Singh

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