During the early years helpers from Europe visiting Kirpal Sagar in small groups could be accommodated in simple rooms in the Langar. Since then during the nineties the number of guests from all over the world has increased at a steady rate, so that additional accommodations were becoming necessary.

During the preparation of the World Conference in 1994 a guest house was built according to Western standards. From the guest house you can view all the main facilities surrounded by beautiful parks and gardens.


When Sant Kirpal Singh said that He wants to work with thousands of hands, it means that He wants to work through His disciples – real disciples.

We are all brothers and sisters in God and should attain this divine virtue of common brotherhood of man and Fatherhood of God. Love one another faithfully and devotedly so that others may know and see for themselves that you belong to the living Master. Remember, actions speak more clearly than eloquent words spoken under emotional impulses. Just live like a fragrant flower which blooms in a forest, and fills the atmosphere with its rich fragrance.

You should know it for certain that you are the master of your destiny which is full of higher potentialities. You are simply to make exertion to change for the better, and firmly stick to your resolutions. All else is to follow of itself, as the gracious Master power is at your side to extend all feasible help, grace and protection.

Please note an ounce of practice is better than tons of theory. The world is fed up with preaching and child humanity is looking urgently for life and light. You can be the harbingers of peace and prosperity by living a life as enjoined by the Master. One developed soul will be helpful for many others. Spirituality cannot be taught, it must be caught like an infection which is passed on to others who are receptive.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Guest House - Kirpal Sagar

The highest ideal of life being the knowledge of self and the knowledge of God, all our acts and deeds must be judged and measured by this touchstone alone.

Sant Kirpal Singh

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