Delhi Airport on 31 January, 1964, was pulsating with an atmosphere of tension and excitement. Worried officials and security-guards endeavoured to control a throng of ten thousand people, who had been gathering at the airport since the previous evening. At 5 a.m. Sant Kirpal Singh's plane landed.

Arriving at Sawan Ashram, Sant Kirpal Singh was greeted by thousands of rejoicing people. Disciples came from Pakistan, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Pondicherry, Kashmir, and all parts of India. Without pausing to rest, Sant Kirpal Singh sat upon the raised platform for four hours to hold Satsang.

Many religious leaders and civic heads began to arrive at Sawan Ashram on the following day. A press conference was held on 2 February, and reporters were given details of the Second World Tour.

Arrangements had been made for a great ceremony where Sant Kirpal Singh would be honoured before the public by fifty-two religious organizations. The ceremony – known as Sant Samagam, "Grand convention of the Saints" – took place on 9 February, in the vast Gandhi grounds in the centre of Delhi. A huge stage had been built for the two hundred dignitaries who were to sit with the Master. The audience, estimated at sixty thousand in number, was filled with immense joy at the Master's return to India.

­Sant Kir­pal ­Singh re­ceived ­many in­vi­ta­tions ­from re­li­gious ­and civ­ic lead­ers to vis­it cit­ies ­and ­towns through­out In­dia. Prime Min­is­ter Neh­ru in­vit­ed the Mas­ter to con­fer ­with ­him on ­the ­world ­tour up­on ­the fol­low­ing Wednes­day, 12 Feb­ru­ary.

Sant Kirpal Singh ­had re­turned to In­dia ...


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