People always said, “The Master is the personified Word form, what can happen to Him?” But Master had to bear everything on the physical body, layers upon layers of karmical reaction of His disciples. Dr. Harbhajan Singh was always very much worried regarding Master’s health.

Master got sick while He was in Chandigarh. I was very sad, since I felt that the continuous suffering of the Master would put us into gloom one day. I could not help weeping in a separate room. Master, while sitting with lots of people, asked, “Where is Harbhajan Singh?” I went to the Master. Master asked, “Why do you remain unhappy? Tell me, what you want from Him!” I said, “Master, never had I any other wish than that You bless us with Your physical glamour, and that You are blessing us for a long, long period.” He told then, “I can write for that, but you should be happy.” Master asked to bring me paper and said, “Tell, what should I write?” I asked, “Master, You write, ‘I will not fall sick again’.?” Master happily wrote it down. But  later on I felt something, and I went to the Master and asked further, “Master, write that I will not be physically sick again.” He said, “I will not write this, since I am not the physical body.”

For some years Master had pains in His whole body. He used homeopathic medicine off and on to cure the pains, but slowly the pains got stronger. Master also suffered from cough and bad cold together and from a mild enlargement of prostate gland, too. Doctors administered various medicines, but Master could never get right.

Master asked me to search for a good medicine, but before choosing the medicine I asked Master, “Do You suffer from rheumatic pains?” He said, “No.” – “Do You suffer from any muscular or local pain?” – “No.” – “Do You feel comfortable after rest?” – “No,” He said, “After rest I am more restless, and it pains heavily.” I asked, “Master, is it right that the Masterpower when taking rest materializes and manifests in thousand forms and performs His inner and outer work, a work which no one else can do?” Master told me that He must go wherever a disciple does something wrong and that He has to bear the consequences thereof.

In 1963 Master was asked in the USA, “Will there be a third world war?” Master said, “Father cannot see His children dying.” I further said, “Master, Your one disciple who meditates sees You working for all human beings. Throughout the world You go to clear the black clouds of hatred and wrath. That disciple saw You many times in a smoky and firelike atmosphere within.” Master replied, “This is right. Master has to bear all that on His shoulders.” Master told me further, “You know my disease and you can search a medicine.”

I consulted some doctors and treated Master by a ten-injection-course that I continued to inject on alternate days. Master was then in Dehra Dun. I performed my duties in my hospital up to 12:00 a.m., then got a train from Amritsar to Ambala and from Ambala to Saharanpur. Thereafter I took a taxi, and after 9 to 10 hours I came to Master to give Him an injection. This was my regular routine till nine injections were given.

That day there were many brothers and sisters from the West in Dehra Dun, and Master was having a heart-to-heart talk with them. Master called me there, and lovingly told to all brothers and sisters, “Here, look at a foolish doctor who does not believe in other doctors, and travels nearly one thousand kilometers to give me an injection. Well, look here, now you don’t come again for injection!” I bowed down and said, “Well, Master, for that purpose I won’t come.” But on the alternate day I arrived at 11:30 p.m., since the train got late. Master was still busy replying letters. He looked at me and said, “Again you came tonight?” I replied, “Master, not for injection.” Master said, “Why then?” I answered, “I have come to see whether You already got the injection or not.” Master looking into my eyes with gracious attention said, “Due to much work I forgot.” I gave the injection and begged leave, but Master told me, “Tonight I won’t let you go.” I said, “Master, I must reach there tomorrow in the morning because of a severe case in my hospital.”
The way to Saharanpur leads through the forests. Master told the taxi driver, “This is my child, whom I love very much. Take him up to the train compartment and come back and tell me about the departure of the train. I will pay you the money for coming and going.”

While I was in Amritsar, Baba Jaimal Singh appeared to my wife Surinder Kaur within and told her, “Your Master is very sick at Dehra Dun. Go to Delhi.” Along with my wife I rushed to Delhi and found the Master in a very critical condition. Master’s abdomen was full of water. I asked, “Master, how do you feel?” Master, looking at my wife, asked, “Who met you within and what did He tell you about?” She told Him that she met Baba Jaimal Singh Ji and Baba Sawan Singh Ji. Baba Jaimal Singh said, “Kirpal Singh is taking allopathic medicine with which He won’t get alright. He needs further treatment.” Master asked, “Did Hazur Baba Sawan Singh speak?” She answered, “No, He did not speak anything.” Master said, “Yes, this is right.”

I came to know through Taiji that in spite of many requests Master did not take any medicine. I asked for the reason, and Taiji told me that Master insisted to go. He preferred to go than to stay, as something had happened in Manav Kendra which was contrary to the teaching.

I requested Master to take the medicine, but rejecting my request, Master said, “I would not take it, even if God would tell me.” Hearing these words, my condition became like that of an ailing patient suffering from a non-curable disease. Seeing my condition, Master said, “Only tomorrow after 8:00 a.m. I would take it, not before.” (Master had determined to go back. The decision within was pending till 8:00 a.m.) One day, while giving the intravenous injection, the doctor could not find the proper vein. Then I requested the doctor, “The vein is visible to me, can I do it?” Master at once told the doctor, “Yes, he is also a doctor, let him inject.” I injected and took out the needle, while Master asked, “For how long will it take you to inject?” I said, “Master, it is already injected.” Holding my hand, Master loveably said, “We will start an eye-hospital in our home, where we will operate both, the outer and the inner eye.”

The same very day Master asked all to have a meeting in the evening. Many relatives, Master’s own family-members, and some disciples gathered for the meeting at Sawan Ashram, Delhi. Master said, “This disease is a gift to me from your side. This is not from me. Now you decide what you want.” (The Master bears the reactions of the disciple’s bad deeds which he commits after initiation and Master takes them upon His own physical body.) The doctors explained that there were two methods to cure the disease: The first was the direct injection of medicines with a rate of success not more than 60 to 70 percent; the second method was the operation. So all said, “Master, we favour the operation, not the other way of treatment.” Master replied, “My Master also suffered from this disease, but He did not survive. Yes, you can also try.” (Note: Master is sent in the world by God. He leaves the physical body of His own will.) Master further told, “Those who favour the operation should raise their hand.” Except me, all raised their hand in favour of the operation. Master asked me, “Why don’t you raise your hand?” Master further said, “Who asks him, if he does not favour the operation.” Taiji said, “He is also from the Sangat”, and Master sought my opinion.

I said, “Master, I have one question.” Master said, “Yes , tell!” I asked, “Master, when You do certain important work, do You do it Yourself or do You also get the suggestion or permission from Your Master?” Master very loveably replied, “For every matter my Master suggests me.” Then I requested, “You are to suggest us, and not we You! Sitting here, we are not more than cobblers. We see You from the physical level.” Further I requested, “Master, You give Your opinion, and we all must follow in accordance with Your opinion.” Then I requested, “We want full assurance before You go for operation.” Master closed His eyes for a moment, then opened His eyes and said, “Don’t worry, I will be fully alright.”

On 16 June, Master was admitted in Dr. Mahajan’s Hospital in Delhi for the operation. The Doctor gave Master injections to make Him unconscious, but it did not effect. Master asked, “Why don’t you perform the operation?” The Doctor replied, “It is only possible after the effect of the anaesthesia.” Master said, “Who is conscious can never be made unconscious.” Master closed His eyes and told him, “Well, do what you want to do.” The operation was performed successfully. Then just when the operation had been performed, Master opened His eyes.

The surgeon in charge was amazed, how a man could return to his senses while under so much anaesthesia. He said, “I saw Your greatness on the operation table. From now onward I come to You as a devotee.”


After the operation

Back in the room Master’s blood-pressure went so down that the doctor started to give a lot of injections, but it was of no use. Sometimes they thought that Master soon would leave the body. Master withdrew from the body-consciousness and the doctor mistook it for a serious problem.

Taiji sent a message to me. I was in the next room, and at once I came. Master raising His both hands above said that Guru Gobind Singh told Him, “Be healthy soon! Your children working in Manav Kendra remember You and await Your arrival.” Even during the operation Master’s attention was with His children, who were doing selfless service in Manav Kendra.

On 11 July, 1971 Sant Kirpal Singh spoke from the verandah of the hospital to the disciples:
"I am so pleased to see you all, and I thank those who have come from far to be here. The sickness which was there has now been cured, and I thank Dr. Mahajan for his help – he is not here at present. The remaining one percent adjustment is being made. My Hazur has accomplished a good deal of service through me up to now, and I can tell you there is much more yet to be done in the future. I request you all to lead a good life from now on – a chaste life – especially those who live in our ashrams. I know you try – but now really do it! I have great love for you. I know you also have love for me, but perhaps you do not realize the extent of my love for you."

Dr Mahajan and two nurses were invited into the Ashram, where a thousand disciples gathered to welcome the Master.

Master’s son gave a short introduction to, and a very few words of praise for Dr Mahajan. He concluded by saying how grateful everyone was to him for the success of the operation and the recovery of the Master, but the Master corrected this by saying, “We are grateful to God and Baba Sawan Singh, for it was God who worked through him, and by His Grace everything was all right.” (Sat Sandesh, September, 1971)

After the operation Master was affected by hospital organism and became resistant to all medicines. The doctor advised some medicines which were not available in India, but they could be arranged overnight from USA. After a few days, He became resistant to that medicine, too. The doctor advised another medicine which was arranged at the earliest from London. After a few days He again became resistant.

Master, since back in the Ashram, started to attend some people and used to be very tired. All this had a bad effect on His health. Master said, “Medicine is for worldly people and there is no medicine for me. That no one can understand.” At last, I requested the Master, “There is one of my good friends and I wanted some suggestion from Your Good Self”, which Master happily accepted to reply. I said, “He is also suffering from the same disease which You are suffering from, but he cannot afford medicine. It will be too good, if You advise some medicines for him.”

Master replied, “Better he should take tea with lemon on empty stomach nearly for a week’s time and my Master will bless him.” Soon I went to the kitchen and prepared tea with lemon. It was early in the morning and Master was with empty stomach. When I brought it to Master, I told Him, “It was for You. Who can be more dear to me than You?” Master’s eyes burst with tears and He took the tea which He continued to take for a fortnight, and Master got fully alright.

Since it was too long for us to stay with Master, Master wanted to send us back to work. We had left our two children being 11 and 13 years old. My father and other family members living beside our house asked the children also to quit the house and follow us, and they made ugly remarks against us.

My son asked his sister, “Sit in meditation and ask Master to send our parents.” Master appeared and said, “Tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. your father and mother will take tea with you.” As per His order from within we got ready and went to Master to beg leave. Happily we agreed to go since Master’s health was normal. Seeing us, Master asked, “Why do you want to go? I won’t let you go.” I answered, “No, we must go!” Master again said two, three times, “I will not allow you to go.”

Then Master agreed and said, “Since you are a God’s doctor, you might be knowing my heart. Better you check the heart before going.” I went near, and Master raised His right arm and told me, “You can check my heart.” I said, “Master, Your heart is on the other side.” – “Oh, you know, where my heart is?” There was really no problem with His heart, it was a matter of attraction and love. While checking, He very softly whispered in my ear, “The children remember you. You must go back.”

As we had to go back to Amritsar, soon Master sent His car and His driver and asked Darshan Singh to go along with us to the railway station. On the way we told him, “Today you said something contrary to the teaching. Since the coming and going is in His hand, Masterpower having sympathy with His children takes lots of their karmas on His own shoulders.” He felt his ignorance and said that in future he would be careful and conscious about such matters.

Even after recovery from the illness Master had some chest problem which remained for a long time. A doctor suggested a medicine to cure the chest problem. This medicine brought a severe reaction. Master was unable even to move from the bed. The Doctor said that this reaction might cease very slowly and it could take some weeks to finish. Taiji sent a message to me, “Master suffers from a severe reaction of a medicine, so come soon!”

Along with Inderpal Singh I reached Delhi early in the morning. Seeing the condition of the Master I returned to my room and felt very uneasy. Master sent for me. He asked me, “Why are you upset and so worried?” I replied, “Master, never we demand anything from You. Whatever You give, You give it with Your wish. At least, we wish to see You all the time in hale and healthy condition.” Master asked, “What more do you want?” I answered, “Master, I want You should at least sit and talk with all of us.” – “Oh, this is very easy, no problem.” Master told me, “Put your hand on the back of my head and raise my head very slowly.” I did so, and Master soon could sit in the bed. “Yes, is this what you want?” – “No, Master, I want that You should stand at least.” Master said, “Put your hand on my back and help me to stand up slowly.” I did so. Master asked, “Is this what you want?” “No, Master, I want You to walk.” Master caught hold of my back and slowly, slowly started to walk and then came back to His bed. Master said, “Is this enough of what You want?” I answered, “No, now You make a little heart-to-heart talk.” And He did so. Ah, how beautiful it was with Him that time!

Harbhajan Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh, 17 July, 1970 India

"I will not fall sick again." Kirpal Singh 23-6-70
The handwritten note above in Urdu Dr Harbhajan Singh got from Sant Kirpal Singh during a visit in Chandigarh.

Sant Kirpal Singh

If you think I am ill, you should correct that thought at once. I am not ill, only the body had to endure and that endurance is nearly finished.

Sant Kirpal Singh 1 August, 1971

At this darshan on the verandah of the hospital the visitors from overseas (at left) were allowed to come closer
Many disciples wanted to see Sant Kirpal Singh sitting on the verandah outside of His room in the nursing home, Delhi
Sant Kirpal Singh's arrival at Sawan Ashram 14 July, 1971
Sant Kirpal Singh holding Satsang in Sawan Ashram after operation - Dr Harbhajan Singh standing far left
On the first Sunday after His return from the nursing home. A large number of people gathered at Sawan Ashram for the usual Sunday morning Satsang and listened to one of the Master’s talks from a recorded tape, then Sant Kirpal Singh Himself came out to speak a few words:
I know you have been waiting to see me, and are happy to do so after so long; but I am more happy to see you. You have been listening to the recorded talk; to hear the Master’s voice is a great blessing, but to see Him, to have the radiation from His presence, and to enjoy His words as they actually flow from His physical form, is a greater blessing.

MP3: Sant Kirpal Singh, "Teen Mahine Ki Bimari Kay Baad", 1971
Satsang in Hindi after three months of illness, 1971

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