Humanity means to care not only for one's own self and the family but also to share with others according to one's possibilities. Misunderstood charity, however, often leads to dependency. So help is directed cautiously, leading to an improvement of the living conditions, thus enabling people to help themselves.

From the very beginning of the construction of the project Kirpal Sagar, humanitarian help was provided to the people of the surroundings.

Eye-Camps and Medical Camps were organized, sewing-machines distributed to widows, and subsidies given to elderly people. In the course of meanwhile thirty years the supporting measures were continuously amplified.

Beside medical care for the needy at the "Kirpal Charitable Hospital", it is important to us to provide children with good education. For this, the "KH Public School" and the "Kirpal Sagar Academy" have been established.

Untrained workers can undergo a vocational training in workshops, which also provide jobs for people with disabilities. Sewing and needle work courses are offered to enable women to earn their own living. Also, a training for nurses is planned for the future.

In the Indian culture, marriage plays an important role but wedding ceremonies are very expensive. Consequently, Unity of Man helps poor families by arranging the wedding and the furnishings for the couples to give them a good start in their family life.

Seminaries for women empowerment are organized by the B.Ed.College.

The size and variety of the now existing facilities enable to react flexibly in emergency situations. In the home for the elderly for example orphaned children could be accommodated together with their grandfather. As a result of another emergency, ahead of schedule, the planned home for the blind was opened in March 2010 in existing rooms. The final building will also comprise a school for the blind.

Since Kirpal Sagar has its own water supply, big water tanks are put up in neighbouring towns during a big drought, to supply passing by with drinking water.

Further help is supplied in case of disasters. During the big flood in 2010, two truckloads with emergency supplies were sent to the city of Leh, Ladakh.


At the opening of the Home for the BlindMrs Surinder Kaur distributing school uniforms


"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". God is immanent in every form, and whoever loves God must love God's Creation. To love God is to love all humanity.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Helping hands prepairing the food aid for the city of Leh/Ladhak, August 2010
First truck with emergency supplies on the way to the city of Leh, Ladakh.

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