1 - 2 October

Sant Kirpal Singh and His party reached Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina, at about 10 p.m. on 1 October, and was greeted by several hundred dear ones at the airport, many of whom had driven down from Washington the day before. The Master met them all and was then driven to the home of Mr. Charles Fulcher, the local group leader, where He stayed during the four days at Charlotte.

Heart-to-heart talks were held each afternoon, and public lectures each evening at Southpark Auditorium and the Myers Park Baptist Church.

3 October

On the afternoon many of the disciples who were travelling with the Master assembled outside His house. The Master was busy attending to foreign correspondence, but when He saw them gathered there, He left His work and came out to be with them, much to their great delight. The Master answered a few questions and spoke on love.

Reported by a member of the touring group

Of all of the qualifications love is the most important, for if it is strong enough in a man it forces him to acquire all the rest, and all the rest without it would not be sufficient. Often, it is translated as an intense desire for liberation from the round of births and deaths and for union with God, not in order that you may escape from weariness and suffering, but because of your deep love for Him. Because He is love, you, if you would become one with Him, must be filled with perfect unselfishness and love also.

Sant Kirpal Singh


4 October

Sant Kirpal Singh was invited to speak at the University of North Carolina, and gave a talk to the students and others from 12 to 1 p.m. in a very big hall filled to capacity. He spoke on the inevitability of death and the necessity of universal love. That afternoon at 5, the dear ones again assembled in large numbers outside of the house where Master was staying. Sant Kirpal Singh begged all to raise their hands if they were prepared to give the promise to go back.

Reported by a member of the touring group

Sant Kirpal Singh ­asked, "­May I ­put a ­question to ­you? ­You ­have ­put so ­many ques­tions to me." Eve­ry­one re­plied, "­Yes." – "If ­time ­runs ­short, ­what do ­you do to length­en it? ­Put ­chains on ­the ­legs of ­time. ­Have ­sweet re­mem­brance ­with ­you, ­not to for­get it; ­that ­will length­en ­the ­time."

De­cide ­what ­you ­want ­and ­then ­stick to it. I ­had am­bi­tion, ­too. De­cide ­once ­and ­for ­all ­and ­all ­things ­will be add­ed un­to ­you. ­Don't ­you ­want to go ­home? ­God is wait­ing ­for ­you. ­Have an ­aim ­set up. A ­child ­takes ­one ­step ­and ­the moth­er ­lends ­her ­hand. Sim­i­lar­ly, if ­you ­want to go ­back to ­God, I ­will ­give ­you a ­hand. If ­you ­had sev­er­al chil­dren, ­you ­would re­mem­ber ­all of ­them, ­you ­don't ­leave ­any be­hind. It is up to ­you to ­live up to ­what is ­said. ­You ben­e­fit by it. ­This ­should ap­peal to ­each ­one of ­you. ­Live up to it. It is ­high ­time.

So ­this is ­the ­question I ­have ­put: "Is ­there any­thing to length­en ­the ­time? ­Time is ­short." I ­wish to be ­with ­you phys­i­cal­ly ­all ­the ­time, ­but ­it's ­not pos­si­ble. By ra­di­a­tion ­you ­can ­have ­the ben­e­fit, by de­vel­op­ing re­cep­tiv­i­ty. I is­sued ­one cir­cu­lar, prob­ably ­most of ­you ­must ­have it: ­How to de­vel­op re­cep­tiv­i­ty. If ­you be­come re­cep­tive – ­you ­will ­ask ­the ­same ­question of ­the Mas­ter ­and ­put ­the ­same ­question to ­the ­one ­who ­has de­vel­oped re­cep­tiv­i­ty, ­they ­will re­peat ­the ­same ­words. It is ­just ­like wa­ter, ­the vi­bra­tions go on; if ­there’s no ­dirt in ­the in­stru­ment – ­then noth­ing re­mains be­tween ­you ­and ­Him. It is ­all up to ­you.

­Now I ­ask ­you, "Do ­these ­things ap­peal to ­you? Do ­you ­have a res­o­lute ­will to ­start it ­all at ­once? ­How ­many ­are ­there? ­Hands up!" I am ­very for­tu­nate if we ­have ­got so ­many ­with a res­o­lute ­will. ­Start ­from ­now; ­not ­try, ­mind ­that. ­You'll ­say ­you'll ­try; try­ing ­means ­half-heart­ed­ness, ­you can­not ­progress in ­any ­line what­soev­er. ­Start ­from to­day, ­and I ­think so ­many ­can be­come am­bas­sa­dors.

Sant Kirpal Singh


5 - 6 October

The following day, 5 October, Sant Kirpal Singh gave that afternoon at 2 a farewell message to His disciples.

So my best wishes, hearty wishes, I might say, are with you. No words can express how much love I have in my heart for you. Heart goes to heart. No words can explain. So it is His gift, God's gift, you see. You have got the same heart, that's the seat of God in you, in each manbody. So keep it clean, pure always. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." So this is only temporary, man comes and goes, you see. But all the same, that power is within you. Turn your face to Him, you'll get all help. You have been joined in a true relation, true family of God. That is such a relation which is not even broken after death also. Our Master used to say, "We have to go across the rivulet. Some go in a boat first, reach the other bank of the river. Some go a little bit (later) – there all unite together, you see. You are in the custody of the Godpower within you. This is the true relation which will never break away. All outer relation will break away.

So this is the work that we have to do before us, our destination, you know, our home, and the work allotted to us as I told you: keep the commandments without any "but" and "if". You find some – what you say? – some capital has been given to you, maybe less or more. We have to develop it further by regular day to day practice and single-minded attention. God is one, He is all alone. He has no brother, no sister. He wants everybody to come to Him all alone. This is what is before us. Remain in contact always, and God will bless you.

Sant Kirpal Singh


A little later He left for the airport, where a special room was reserved for Him and His children so that they could sit together.

At 6 p.m. His plane left for Philadelphia. The Master arrived at 7 p.m. and was driven to the Warwick Hotel, where His entire program had been set up for the two days stay. Later that night, at Master's apartment in the Hotel, about eighty persons gathered for seeing Him.

7 - 10 October

Public talks were maintained, all in the Warwick Hotel Ballroom.

Sant Kirpal Singh left Philadelphia about 5 p.m. by car, and the hotel lobby and the street for half a block away were lined with people anxious for His darshan. The Master's first night in New York was spent, as a gesture of deep love, at the house of a dear Satsangi family in Weehawken, N.J.

The following morning He arrived at the Hilton Hotel, where He was to stay the rest of the time, at 9 a.m. and was immediately driven to the Hunter College Playhouse where He gave a brief talk. Afterwards He gave many interviews. 5 public talks were given in the same Hunter College Playhouse.

12 October

Sant Kirpal Singh left New York by car at 11 a.m. on 12 October, arriving at New Haven, at 1 p.m.

There He had been invited by Yale University to give a talk. He spoke beautifully and powerfully on education, stressing the need for an aim in life and the importance and necessity of experiencing higher consciousness.

Reported by a member of the touring group



No words can express how much love I have in my heart for you. Heart goes to heart. No words can explain. So it is His gift, God's gift.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh

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