Sant Kirpal Singh had no urge to come into the world. He came just like a fresh breeze in the garden of existence of Baba Sawan Singh to weed out all bad roots. He worked in the garden of Baba Sawan Singh day and night and He started giving the water to the saplings. He brought a big change, so it was a  life-giving garden, in which our Master helped Him.

And thereafter He left it. He created this nest there; a nightingale does not know that the autumn will come and all those leaves will flee with the winds; and  when the wind blows, this nest will also fly away, and the nightingale has to leave the nest. So it happened with the Master. He did everything there, He  made a very beautiful garden. Then He had to leave it. And what did He bring from there? Only the sweet remembrance of the Master. He brought His Master with Him.

Harbhajan Singh

I never dreamt that I would be given that job. Never dreamt it. I was astonished. But He is carrying on the work for me. I am only a scape goat, I would say. (Master smiles) Scape goat. This is a very great responsibility. I generally say, “God, spare people this very hard task.” So we are following the path of discipleship, you see. Some views, some glimpses of the Light. This cannot be judged by others. You can judge yourself. When you think you are doing well, you are progressing, even that stands in the way. It is all His Grace, His debit; all credit goes to Him.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Sant Kirpal Singh – "If I get it, I will give it like anything to you."
"How the Mission started" – Chapter 3
Biography of Sant Kirpal Singh

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