Wherever Sant Kirpal Singh went He created some incidences. On every tour He gave something in certain homes. You know God fulfils the demands. The demand and supply method is eternal. Where one soul yearns for it, there He gives.

He does everything according to the natural law. He does not do anything that is not in accordance with the natural law. So wherever He went, He did something. It also happens that people who were not initiated, who came in contact with Him at any time during their life, who only saw Him for a moment, or had a little talk with Him – when they leave their body they say, "Sant Kirpal Singh has come and we are ready to go." Even if this contact was for a very short time, it was a contact from eye to eye, from soul to soul, and that has a deep effect.

On the footsteps of the hills close to Kiratpur in Punjab, there is one lonely little village where only few persons live. Among those was a poor old couple, all alone. Both were initiated by Sant Kirpal Singh. The woman became very receptive to the Master. When she went inside she felt that she had to do something for the Master. Although she was very old, too old even to walk, she said, "I must do something!" So she used to go very slowly picking up little branches from the trees. She sold them and saved the money for the Master. She said to her husband, "No, we will not touch it, it is for the Master!"

They had one cow. She was sure that Master would once come to their house, although the people said, "How will Master come here? In such a village He cannot come, even a car cannot come here!" But she never listened to their arguments. She was sure Master would come; He had promised her to come. So she used to collect each day some butter for the Master and put it in a very safe custody. She wrapped it up in rags just to keep off the mice and rats, as they were too poor and had nothing to lock it in.

One day, Sant Kirpal Singh came by and asked the driver to go that way. The driver replied, "Master, the car cannot go there, the road is very bad. It is very bumpy and rough. People always go on foot." Sant Kirpal Singh replied, "You do not have to go, the car has to go, don't worry for it!"

When Master arrived there, He immediately took out a knife from His pocket and said, "Mother, where is the butter?" She took it out of the dirty blankets, and Master was very happy to take it. He put some of it into His mouth. Then she gave Him the money, "Master, it is Your money!" It was twenty rupees, very little money. She had earned it in maybe one month or more. Every day she had got some coins, and Master loved her very much. Master said to her, "Now you need not work any more." Master gave her some money, "This amount of money will come to you regularly every month. This will be sufficient. Now you only meditate. You are accepted, what more do you want?"

If Master says that you are accepted – then what more is needed? So these are very beautiful things from His life.

Harbhajan Singh


Sant Kirpal Singh
Sant Kirpal Singh
Sant Kirpal Singh

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