Two receptions were held at which Sant Kirpal Singh met many prominent people.

He was welcomed to a reception at the Statler-Hilton Hotel, Dallas, by Dr. Douglas, a noted humanitarian who sponsors the welfare of over 600 orphans in India alone. The Master and Dr. Douglas discussed the World Fellowship of Religions and the situation in India, particularly the poverty-stricken areas.

On December 23, Sant Kirpal Singh addressed the City Council at the Dallas City Hall. The Mayor of Dallas introduced the Master, who then spoke on the World Fellowship of Religions and the way that this organization could benefit the whole world. Public meetings were held at the Dallas Chamber of Commerce and the banqueting hall of Wyatts Cafeteria.

On Christmas Eve, 1963, Sant Kirpal Singh and His party were welcomed to Houston, by His representative for the State. Two public talks were given at the World Trade Center and one talk at the St. James Episcopal Church. Two press conferences, attended by television and radio interviewers, were held, and the Master appeared on both television and radio programs. Sant Kirpal Singh visited the Convent of the Good Shepherd and explained the mission of the World Fellowship of Religions to the holy sisters. At a reception given in His honour by Mr. Leonard Keating, International President of Junior Achievement, the Master spoke of the many facets of spiritual endeavour and the global importance of the W.F.R.

On Christmas Day, 1963, Kirpal Singh gave a talk to his devotees and friends on the Christ Life.

Reported by members of the touring group


Christmas and New Year Message
Dear Ones: On this Christmas Day, 1963, I am nearing the end of a World Tour which has taken me through Europe, Asia Minor, Britain, Ireland, Canada, the United States, and is still to continue to Panama. There is a tradition which tells us that Christmas symbolizes the birth of the Christ Child in the human heart. To be truly Christ-like, the disciple must become as a little child, a pure and unsullied vessel, receiving the nectar of the Holy Spirit as an upturned chalice. "If ye love me, keep my commandments!"

Truth is above all, but true living is still above Truth. This requires leading a life of continence, humility, truthfulness, love and devotion to God and all creation. To become a mouthpiece of Master, expressing Master's will and purpose, you must surrender all to Master. This does not mean the giving up of employment, home, possessions, family and friends. It means simply: let the will of the Master work in you and through you, let your whole life be dedicated to service of the Master. Like a flute, be all vacant from within so that the Master may make sweet music of your life.

This is the Christ-like way: the true message, meaning and purpose of Christmas. Master brought the Christ Child to birth in your heart. You, in turn, must "become as a little child" and surrender yourselves to the everloving and merciful Father who watches over you, guides you, and cares for you. I wish you all a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year. My love goes to you all.

Kirpal Singh



Arriving at Tampa Airport, Florida, on December 27.

Sant Kirpal Singh gave two public talks at the Scottish Rite Club in St. Petersburg, and was also invited to the Scottish Rite Club as guest-speaker for the United Liberal Church. He was presented with the "Key of the City" of St. Petersburg by the Mayor, Mr. Herman Goldner, on December 30. Television and press photographers were present, and in the evening the presentation ceremony was screened on two television channels. That evening Kirpal Singh spoke at the Women's Club in Sarasota, about fifty miles from St. Petersburg.

Reported by members of the touring group


Soul is eternal, as I told you before, being of one substance only – consciousness. But, coming in contact with mind, it became the doer. Both combined are dragged to outside things through the outgoing faculties. We have become so identified with them that we have no idea of our own Selves left.

We are souls, not mind also. Take the example of water: it is made up of two gases, oxygen and hydrogen. Oxygen, you know, is life-giving: when a man is dangerously sick, he is given a cylinder of oxygen. And hydrogen gas chokes our throat. Two different things, when combined together, form water, the quality of which is different from the two. Similarly, we are eternal spirit in man. Combined with mind we have become the doers; and "whatever we sow, so shall we reap." So Masters say: "Be still." What did they mean? Physically and intellectually still. Then we will know that none other than God is within us.

Sant Kirpal Singh



Sant Kirpal Singh's motorcade set off for Miami, Florida, on New Year's Day, 1964,

The "Miami Herald" interviewed the Master, and a very fine report of the Tour and Sant Kirpal Singh's mission appeared in that newspaper.

Three public talks were given at the Miami Senior High School's great auditorium, and further talks were given at the Ewing Gallery and the Congregational Church of Christ.

On January 4, a reception was given at the world-famous Seaquarium of Miami by the Director of Public Relations, Mr. Roger Conklin, Jr., in honour of Sant Kirpal Singh. Press reporters and cameramen followed the Him and His party as he was escorted through the Seaquarium.

Great amusement was created when one of the dolphins rose out of the water and grasped the Master's coat-sleeve, gently tugging it as the Master sat at the edge of the tank. A sea-cow, noted as an extremely unsociable animal and generally preferring to ignore human beings, came up to Kirpal Singh and presented itself for a gentle stroking from the Master-Saint.

A small boy in his mother's arms pointed to Sant Kirpal Singh and cried: "Mommy, there's Jesus!" The mother was extremely embarrassed and told the child to keep quiet. The little boy remonstrated with his mother three times: "It is Jesus, Mommy! It is Jesus, Mommy! Mommy, it is Jesus!" And the perplexed mother took the little boy away from the scene.

On January 4, 1964, the two supreme Prelates of the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church met and conferred on Christian unity, the first time such an event had taken place for many centuries. It was by no coincidence then, that upon that significant day the oldest Order in Christendom chose to honour the great Master from India.

During a memorable ceremony held in the auditorium of the Miami Senior High School, Kirpal Singh was awarded the Cross of the Sovereign and Imperial Order of Saint Constantine the Great. Several hundred people, including leading dignitaries of the local government, attended this event.



On January 7, leaving behind many disciples and supporters, Sant Kirpal Singh and His party left for Panama from Miami International Airport. He arrived in Panama at 8:30 p.m. where He was greeted by a large crowd of Panamanians, Americans, Indians and press men. In spite of the mounting tension and the focus of public attention on the widespread rioting, arson and looting taking place, the arrival of Sant Kirpal Singh was given front-page coverage in both the English-language and Spanish newspapers. A television interview with Him was screened on local television channels.

The Master gave two discourses at the Jewish Welfare Board on January 8 and 9, but further aspects of the program were cancelled by compulsory military order, as Panama came under martial law.

On January 9, Sant Kirpal Singh left the Crawford residence, and two carloads of devotees followed the Master's car. One of these two cars was driven by Mrs. Crawford, accompanied by her two small sons and three devotees. The two rear cars were held up and lost sight of the Master's car which proceeded on to the Jewish Welfare Board. Suddenly, the two cars were surrounded by a mob of about two hundred people, throwing stones and rocks and shouting anti-American slogans. A huge rock crashed through the windscreen of Mrs. Crawford's car, shattering the glass to pieces and leaving a great hole in front of Mrs. Crawford's line of vision. She closed her eyes, ducked her head behind the steering wheel, and accelerated fast. The car behind her followed suit.

When the cars reached the Jewish Welfare Board, it was discovered that both the cars were full of dents from the impact of several rocks and stones, but not one of the disciples was hurt. One of Mrs. Crawford's sons, aged thirteen, when ducking from the stones, had shouted, "Don't worry, Master is with us!" He later said, "Master was with us, right next to you, mother, on that seat." Mrs. Crawford had driven through the yelling mob, but not a scratch or cut on her. The Master approached her with loving concern, but she smilingly thanked Him for His protection.

A building near the Crawfords' shop was burned down by the rioting mob. When they came to the Crawfords' shop, the mob prepared to send it up in flames. Someone cried: "This is not an American's shop, it belongs to a Panamanian!" So the Crawford shop was saved, and the Crawfords – two American disciples – again thanked the Master-Power for its protection. At midnight that night Mr. Crawford came to the house with the news that there was a strong rumour that the mob would attack that area in the night. The Master asked how many houses there were in the area. On being told that there were thirty houses, he detailed six men to guard the roads leading to the houses. "Let the others sleep in peace," He ordered, "not only for tonight, but every night until conditions better themselves."

The Canal Zone military authorities offered protection, advising the Master and his companions to evacuate into their zone. "Do not worry," said Kirpal Singh, waving this offer aside. "Nothing is going to happen tonight, but for the future be on your guard." Not one person connected with the Master or His party was harmed during the rioting.

Kirpal Singh left Panama on January 17, 1964.

Washington D.C.

After a brief stopover in Miami, returned to Mr. Khanna's residence in Washington, D.C. He discussed new plans and propositions for this spiritual endeavour throughout the world with representatives from all over the United States.

Reported by members of the touring group


On 25 January a birthday celebration for Sant Kirpal Singh had been arranged by His disciples for this date since Master was soon returning to India.
Devotion seeks blessings from the beloved, but love seeks to shoulder the burden of the beloved. And devotion throws the burden on the beloved. Love gives: love does not require the presence of the beloved, mind that, in order to love. One who loves, he loves – that's all. He is never alone: a lover is never alone, mind that. He may be in the wilderness: he keeps sweet love for the pure. He resides in him – the beloved resides in him. They are one, whether they are near or far. So devotion asks, and love is silent – and sublime, devoid of outward expression. Such is the ideal of love. This is what Master always referred to as love, love, love, and love. Love has great blessings. Devotion expresses itself in outward things, but devotion demands the presence of the beloved to express affection to the beloved. Then what is greater? Love – and surrender.

This is the message that has been given by all Masters, whenever they came. I am giving you no new thing on this birthday, which you are going to celebrate. The true celebration of the birthday will lie in the fact that if you live, you have love. Have a life of love. "Love, and all things shall be added unto you." To my mind, I don't feel joy for the day I was born. I will feel joy only if the purpose for which I am meant is completed. Then I will feel joy. I quite appreciate that you have expressed all your love, devotion or surrender: you may decide among these in your own hearts.

Sant Kirpal Singh


On Wednesday, January 29, 1964, Sant Kirpal Singh left New York for India.


Sant Kirpal Singh arrived at Frankfurt, Germany, on 30 January. Disciples from many German cities were at the airport to greet Sant Kirpal Singh. It was a brief but joyous occasion, and after two hours had elapsed, the Master and His party, accompanied by some disciples, departed for München. In spite of arctic-like conditions in München, the disciples in that city battled through high gales and snowstorms in order to see Him for one brief hour. He spoke to these faithful disciples for a short time, and then bade these disciples a loving farewell, and departed for India. The Second World Tour had ended.

Reported by members of the touring group

There is an awakening, with God’s Grace. I have found it. On this present tour, I have found it. There is a great response everywhere for unity. Religions are trying to make the subjects of their religions merge into one. But what we are speaking of now is not the merging of all religions into one: let people remain in their own religions, but they should all sit together for the same higher religion, which is one for all. They should remain in their own religions and not change them, but follow the religion, which is one for all, given out by all Masters. These are the words you have to write down in your hearts, and never forget to live up to them. You will find a wonderful change; you will live and see for yourselves.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Sant Kirpal Singh, Second World Tour 1963

Christ said, "I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit, for without me ye can do nothing." This is the relationship between the Guru and his disciple.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh – "What was Christ?"
Sant Kirpal Singh, Second World Tour

Birthday message – "Love is the way"
25 January, Washington

Living up to it - 25 Januray
Love and intoxication - 26 January



Sant Kirpal Singh – "There is an awakening with God's grace"

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